Wind critic resents being characterized as lacking green ethic

Manitoulin Expositor

Northland Power Inc. (NPI) is an entirely off-Island company looking to build an industrial wind farm in our community, solely for profit. They, along with the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) have been promoting the wind industry to Island residents using various means. Much of their propaganda has included very misleading information, and much of their activity in our community has been conducted very secretively. I suppose it is entirely acceptable for a business to protect its interests using any means necessary. What, in my opinion, is unacceptable is for NPI (in a November 17 letter to the editor of this publication) to suggest that anyone opposing the McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm is a selfish individual lacking an environmental conscience and unable to differentiate between fact and propaganda.

NPI continues to attempt to claim the moral high ground in this debate by suggesting that their wind farm is an environmentally friendly alternative to using fossil fuels for producing power. While there is no evidence to support this claim, many people continue to accept it, or at least not take exception to it. Troublesome as this is, it is only bordering on unethical. However, to accuse concerned citizens of being selfish for not supporting NPI’s corporate interests is going too far.

Many opponents of the McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm are genuine environmentalists who are committed to directly reducing their impact on the environment. They have thoroughly informed themselves on the negative impacts that industrial wind farms have on communities, and are only trying to share this information with their neighbours. Some are people who are living off-grid or working towards living off-grid, who grow much of their own food, and who support a local economy. They have nothing to gain from stopping NPI’s project; they are only trying to protect the health, property rights, and heritage and culture of our Island.

Opponents of the wind farm realize that the wind will never blow on demand. Unless we develop new technologies for storing electricity, or begin to use electricity when the wind is blowing, wind will never be a practical energy source to make electricity for a provincial grid.

Opponents of the McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm will support alternative energy projects that have community as a focus, rather than community as an obstacle. They are also committed to reducing our energy consumption used for both electricity and transportation. They also realize that industrial wind farms are not a realistic solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions; there are options. It is not wind farms or the end of the world.

It is understandable that the growing opposition to the McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm is frustrating NPI’s representatives. I would imagine that as they sat in their corporate offices planning this project years ago, that they never expected us to be intelligent and organized enough to form any sort of opposition. They terribly underestimated the people of our great Island. Now they know that we will not just roll over and be exploited by an off-Island corporation.

Nic Harfield, Manitoulin Island

Non-participant landowners deserve answers from wind company

Notice to all landowners in and around Perch Lake and Green Bush Road area.

The McLean’s Mountain wind turbine project headed off by Northland Power has been signing 20-year lease agreements plus extensions with private landowners since 2004. Leases have automatic renewals unless notified to terminate by the leaseholder on a set date. All options on this land are held by the wind company.

Similar to other investors or speculators, who purchased land for more turbines, Northland Power or its representatives appear to have been trying to acquire land in and around the Perch Lake area. There may be plans that would allow more turbines to be installed next to existing or other non-participants.

As a landowner in this area, this is of great concern due to the fact that this area of proposed wind turbines, the footings of which can exceed 16 feet of depth, are in contact with headwaters of Perch Lake that can be impacted if the property is leased or sold. As private adjacent landowners that do not stand to gain, they would, in fact, lose much more than anticipated.

We need to be concerned that process hazard reviews (PHRs) and risk assessments were not followed through on a one-to-one basis that would directly involve non-participant owners of land. Trappers of this area and Indigenous people who know this land should be consulted and involved in the process. All concerns should be addressed and worked with to a common goal.

If these processes were followed, it was only on land with which Northland has agreements in place, which troubles me as an owner. Although notification of this project was mailed to all landowners (I think) in this area by Northland, this information lacked in assurance on environmental impacts, including human health and insurance, to all landowners that do not wish to have an industrial project impact their land as below.

1. Redirecting headwaters to Perch lake (flooding land and starving an already shallow lake).

2. Time-limiting values and time-waited averages from frequency, decibel readings versus temperature and distance threshold values that impact hearing on wildlife to human life.

3. Mechanical failure, i.e. propeller fan blade breaking off and injuring someone on neighbouring property.

4. Electrical bonding of turbines in case of lightning strikes causing a forest fire.

5. Project being developed in birthing area for wildlife, impacting future species in wetlands.

I urge everyone in this area to take notice that this is a serious concern because implications of this project affects landowners. Liability, including health effects, can be brought forward on the right people to safeguard your land against what few stand to gain from this project.

A lawyer has also suggested that anyone that agrees to have a turbine on their property should make sure the binding agreement with the developer states the developer will be solely responsible for any legal costs in the event of a lawsuit from a neighbouring property owner.

If this is not legally included, the property owner may be held responsible for possible damages caused by the turbine.

Remember, as we go forward with green ideas we need to move with our neighbours, our community, and most of all the environment we impact. I believe Northland Power has fallen short of providing the necessary answers to go forward with a project of this magnitude.

J. Rivet, Green Bush Road

6 thoughts on “Wind critic resents being characterized as lacking green ethic

  1. I think that it is more of a case that the promoters and financiers o Green Energy lack any ethics whatsoever…


    Deutsche’s climate

    “An example of such a pro-climate change campaign is the work of Deutsche Bank, the giant German financial institution that has imbedded itself in the renewable energy field. Deutsche Bank claims to have funded more than $5-billion in renewable projects, the result of its aggressive marketing of Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) as government policy. It promotes FIT pricing of electricity all over the world, from Ontario to developing nations. Investors are urged to sink money into renewable energy, on the claim that the returns will beat the market.

    Earlier this month, the bank announced a $70-million funding of two solar power parks in Ontario to be installed by SkyPower Ltd., a company that has a turned the province’s rich solar-power pricing schemes into a corporate bonanza. Similar announcements pop out of Deutsche regularly, along with weighty reports from a section of the bank called DB Climate Change Advisors.”


    Just a thought you know…


    Well educated people…

  2. Now here’s Green Ethics for you…


    “Made in Ontario environmental concern
    Letters to the Editor
    Posted 7 days ago

    To the Editor;

    As I drove down Hwy 8 towards Clinton, I saw a sign that said “Stop the Wind Turbines” which brought a little smile to my face and a chuckle.

    Eight years ago I founded a green energy company to help bring a new way of thinking to a backwards Province that had been brought to its knees by fraud and corruption in its nuclear power program. Even if uranium wasn’t radio active and even if enriching it to turn steam generators wasn’t the most dangerous method of producing electricity in the world, nuclear power is inherently expensive in Ontario due to an unstoppable locomotive of corruption. Tucked away inside every nuclear power plant is billions of dollars of corruption. The real problem with wind energy is; there is no good place to hide the sweetener.

    The final blow to green energy in Ontario was after the orange zone was established in November 2006, three years after the first of three fraudulent Requests for Proposals for wind energy development. Once the green energy companies were battle warn the McGuinty government locked the doors to the chamber and gassed what was left of the enthusiast.

    It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out which method of electrical generation is safer, cheaper and harder to conceal hush money.

    Below are some real facts about renewable energy in Ontario:

    1. A wind turbine is simply an electric motor on top of a pole, therefore there are no known health problems caused by the production of electricity by means of a properly installed wind turbine. If someone tells you there is, they are misleading you.

    2. The movement of the fiberglass blades is generally considered a soothing experience for many people but for those who prefer not to look at them simply plant a tree or two between you and the turbine.

    3. Adding a wind turbine to your farm will increase its value, if you aren’t part of an organized wind farm but live beside or near one it means you are living in a good wind location so I would suggest installing your own.

    4. There is very little impact on farming or expansion of farming caused by home or commercial wind turbines, on average about ½ acre is used for the wind turbine and road.

    5. As hundreds of environmental impact studies have shown there is very little impact on wildlife, birds etc., if there was the project would not receive environmental approval. A normal house cat kills more birds in a year than a wind turbine over its 20-year life span.

    6. The new transmission lines lead directly to Bruce Nuclear, there was already plenty of transmission capacity for renewable energy in Ontario.

    7. There is no radio active green substance in wind turbines that requires 26,000 years to reach its ½ life that we half to pass on to the next 1,300 generations.

    If the government allowed wind, natural gas turbines and solar to be bid into the mix as a single contract we would be able to become substantially more efficient.

    Lastly, we can and should become more energy efficient, close the nuclear and coal plants as soon as we can elect a responsible, non-corrupt Provincial Government.

    Dan Dwyer”


    Four legs good, two legs bad….

    Got it?

  3. Sadly, the green movement has been corrupted by certain UN associated personalities like Al Gore and, worse, paid “climate” scientists whose science has fallen far short of having any case for catastrophic man-made global warming. There have been lies, indifference to the truth we expect from science and obfuscations to brush this catastrophic failure of the UN’s lackey’s aside. Consequently, huge amounts of resources are being and will continue to be sucked out of those who generate resources on which our economies and livelihoods and future prospects rely in order to pay to pay grossly outrageous subsidies to misled property owners and big businesses in the pursuit of inadequate technologies. This is the antithesis of ethical behaviour that will crush us and generations of our children. Our Ontario government, to be sure, is at the head of these wild, grasping hounds of hell.

  4. Dan Dwyer… You have been too close to turbines for too long. You have suffered brain damage from LFS. You also have been so greenwashed that your reasoning ability has been impaired. Get Help.

  5. Last evening CBC Windsor featured the situation an area of Windsor is facing because a whole subdivision was built with only Hydro for energy. These are just ordinary homes. No large homes there. Some with Hydro bills nearly as much as their mortgage payments.

    Now some residents find it difficult to pay their Hydo bills and have to cut back on their heating. It’s not pleasant to live in a cold house in winter. Also residents are finding it difficult to sell their homes as buyers are leery of increasing Hydro bills.

    No natural gas lines were installed when this subdivision was built.

    Anyone for energy poverty?

  6. Melodie, Dan Dwyer has NEVER lived near an industrial wind turbine and likely NEVER WILL!

    Also, I am not aware of ANY environmental impact study on IWTs that DIDN’T show
    egregious harm to the environment, unless of course he is talking about residential

    What? Wind turbines are going to replace our nuclear reactors now?

    “There is no radio active green substance in wind turbines that requires 26,000 years to reach its ½ life that we half to pass on to the next 1,300 generations.”

    There isn’t any of this substance in a nuclear reactor EITHER! Spent nuclear fuel still contains over 98% of it’s original energy and can be reprocessed and reused as fuel almost indefinitely! Uranium and thorium can in fact supply all of humanity with 100% of its electricity FOREVER! This has been known to science since 1946 and proven beyond shadow of doubt staring in 1984! (Integral Fast Reactor) This information is freely available in the public domain.

    That to which he refers is nothing more than anti-nuke propaganda!

    “An electric motor on a pole” indeed!

    What an IDIOT!


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