Oak Ridges Moraine sacrificed to erect industrial wind turbines

Re: Manvers Family feels caught in wind storm. Somewhat like the Irwins, we moved to a small farm in Pontypool five years ago, confident that its location in the Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM) would protect us from the unwanted wind turbine developments springing up in rural areas all over Ontario.

Little did we know that the McGuinty Liberals might make laws to suit their own purposes, regardless of the impact on citizens.

By even considering turbines here, they are backtracking on the ORM. It’s dishonest and a gross betrayal, for what? An unreliable energy source with, according to Mayor Mitch Twolan, no permanent jobs, lowered property values, minimal economic impact and no boost to tourism, long with no consultation, no say, no choice. If the province permits 45-storey wind turbines in their “protected” Oak Ridges Moraine, no rural area is safe.

M. Ratsep, Pontypool

4 thoughts on “Oak Ridges Moraine sacrificed to erect industrial wind turbines

  1. My home, farm, retreat is just as important as Oak Ridges and we all should not be subjected to this violation of our God given rights to live in peace.He has made it difficult to find peace and enjoyment of our property with the burden of gouging us in our pockets to pay for this science project of his at our expense(not his) and while he makes his friends rich on our backs .Also having this interfering with my sleep and my property declining in in value is totally wrong.
    The worst part is our health and the balance of nature. These monsters do not belong in our back yards or in the country. This Premier needs to get out and leave us to our business which is none of his business.He is a violator of our rights, lets show him the door. NIMBY I am

  2. No rural area is safe from these monster wind turbines. All these wind turbine developers are interested in is the money they will make from these projects.

    Take away the government subsidies and the wind turbine developers will disappear.


    Wonder how much longer these monstrosities will be standing throughout the EU now that the subsidies are dropping like gassed flies?

    Here’s hoping!


  4. Paradis.C@parl.gc.ca mailto:Ministre.Minister@RNCan-NRCan.gc.ca

    Send a letter or email the Feds to ask that they not give renewable energy subsidies to Ontario because they are using them to destroy Canada’s Natural Heritage AND freshwater resources!

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