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It has always been my perception that reporters are a set of professionals, trained by highly experienced teachers, most of whom have attained a high degree of honesty and moral integrity, to report the events and truth as it really is, and not as they would personally like it to be.

It therefore puzzles me greatly, that Mr. Keller seems to have a knack of preaching correctness and truthfulness as seen only from the point of view of wind farm proponents and their urban followers.

His naïveté could be excused, if it were not for a multitude of evidence, now made readily available to anyone, seeking the truth about Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT’s), that shows thousands of people now suffer greatly from the unreasonable setbacks from these alien monsters. Along with their “supposed safe deployment” and I use those words advisedly, as the Green Energy Act has made all and any public opposition to this industrialization of rural Ontario, a non starter for those that live out here.

His seemingly carefree writing, that it’s a “relatively minor installation” in Whittington, does your readers a distinct disservice, in that a reporter should be fully aware of the true facts of how an initial deployment really works.

Once a few are deployed, it has been shown and proven that “infill with other IWT’s follows rapidly, until the whole rural area has turned into an industrial zone.

The almost sleight-of-hand approach to this rural problem has myself and thousands of others question if he has, in fact, carried out any serious research into this most volatile subject, that promises to turn violent if our provincial government does not start to pay heed to its rural residents.

People have a way of showing that anger when their property values and health are threatened by anyone, much less their own government, who, I might add, is fast becoming almost “foreign” in its approach to going green.

One would hope that you are aware of the double standard, when Duguid and McGuinty, backed off on the Lake Ontario deployment, as it would have seen four Liberal ridings go down to the opposition, when planned deployment of turbines along the Scarborough Bluffs and other ridings where effectively cancelled, showing rural residents that we are the sacrificial lambs in McGuinty’s “unsafe energy plan.”

Instead of quoting from a seven-member panel of unknown sources of experts, who for all we know carried out a study paid for by wind proponents, therefore making it suspicious at best, why not quote from the 15 PhD’s and sound experts that attended the world’s first Wind Symposium, held in Brighton just a few short weeks ago. Studies carried out by these illustrious scientists are completely independent and carry much weight among their peer group, yet people like you and our Ontario chief medical officer, refuse to even consider looking at it.


I have always thought quite highly of honest, independently minded reporters, especially ones that dug up the truth, and had the guts to stand up to corporations that look only at the bottom line, and keep on licking their sticky fingers, while they continue to hurt more of our society.

Do the right thing Wes, and research this, before it’s too late!

Graham Hawkridge City of Kawartha Lakes

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    For all who are suffering from the ill effects of wind turbine induced LF pollution, there IS a definitive compendium document of the effects of this phenomenon on humans.

    Go here for an introduction: http://www.multi-science.co.uk/effects_low-frequency.htm

    This book was published in 2007 and is made up of 30 individual studies. This means the adverse effects of infrasound on humans has been well known to the scientific community for well over a decade!

    Not surprisingly, this document DOES NOT appear in the list of references in Dr. King’s recent infamous and quite useless report.



  2. BBW:

    If you have a choice of motives, where stupidity and ignorance compete with maliciousness always choose the former. The latter takes work and forethought — both qualities that do not always highlight our politicians efforts.

  3. I can personally guarantee that Wes Keller does have information contrary to the Wind Farm Advocates information, and information contrary to that of promoters of IWT’s.

    Perhaps he is a “Social Progressive”? That would preclude him taking on a serious investigation and criticism. But that is pure speculation.

    Perhaps he needs a months stay in a house affected by the low frequency noise. Can anyone offer him same?

    While I know that not everyone is affected by the LF noise — perhaps we could get lucky.

    So, if you possess such a house, perhaps a personal offer would be accepted. The he could prove that he is willing to investigate.

  4. From Toronto Street News / canadastreetnews.com

    HEADLILNE: There is nothing green about greed! The Green Energy Act and the end of democracy!

    On Oct. 26, I went to Fergus, Ontario to report on the protest against the wind turbines. “WPD’ corporation was making its presentation to the community that night. There were over 1,000 people there including “Lady Godiva” on horse- back. That was the only cheering moment of the night. The presentation by wpd was a farce. A dozen huge posters were set up around the room, all of them advertising the corporation and none of them giving any information. Several “consultants”, all below 30 years of age, stood at each poster. None of them was able to answer ANY of the pertinent questions that were asked by anx- ious and concerned people. Next week the “con- sultants” will probably be hired to demonstrate food samples in supermarkets.

    I watched one young mother showing a picture of her baby girl who has been having seizures ever since the industrial turbines intruded on their property. She asked with tears in her eyes, did they not care what was happening to her child? The company “consultant” nodded her head but said nothing.

    A farmer came up to me and said that he would like to give me an interview about his own problems with the turbines on his property. He was sorry that he could not. He said he was under order not to speak to anyone about the turbines which had been foisted on him. Apparently the gag order is part of the lease!

    As I went from group to group where citizens were trying to get some shreds of information, I witnessed their frustration at the silent sympa- thetic smiles of the robotic hirelings. In desperation, one of the townspeople asked the head of wpd to come to the mike and talk to the people of Fergus. He refused.
    I then saw two turbine consultants and an eld- erly farmer hovering over a map which showed the location of their turbines on his land. As I came closer, I heard him begging them to move the turbines further away from his house. He told them that the “flicker” from the giant blades was coming in his window and making him ill. As he entreated them, they looked at each other but said nothing. I asked them if they could answer him, as he was obviously upset. They looked at me and said nothing. As I walked on I heard their elderly victim still pleading with them to move the turbines out of his sight.

    As the night went on, the level of frustration rose until the people were stating their condemnation in no uncertain terms. As the volume in- creased, the corporates stood against the clamour, still silent and none confronting it with any information whatsoever. That night we gave out 1,000 newspapers to the public informing them on the dangers of industrial turbines. As in the case of Dump Site 41, we were the only paper fol- lowing the turbine invasion as far back as March of this year. Those heading the protest thanked us and told us about the International Wind Farm Conference in Picton.

    Accordingly, we set out to Picton on Oct. 29, checked into our accommodations for the weekend and drove to the conference where we asked for a press kit. There were none. Instead we were surprised to hear from Karen(?) that the press would be required to pay the $400 fee or they would not be allowed to come in the door, whether staying for a minute or an hour. This was perplexing to say the least. One of the attendees, Mr. Calvin Luther Martin, husband of Dr. Pierpont, the keynote speaker, was shocked to hear this, when media attention was so sorely needed. As a matter of fact, on the Goldhawk Show the following Monday, Dale stated that he had been the only media at the conference. Obviously, he was simply not told of the fee demanded from a free community newspaper from Fergus, a most bizarre and inappropriate decision.

    Not one member of any ministry attended the conference; this was not surprising as none of them attended the world conference on fluoride dangers that took place in Toronto three years ago. Though Ontario scientists and professors were sent personal invitations by accredited in- ternational experts, only one professor from Hamilton attended. Apparently, the government is not concerned that Toronto tap water has con- tained many dangerous chemicals along with fluoride for some 40 years. It seems clear that the same nonchalance is being applied to any other incursions on the citizens’ health.

    There were some 100 attendees at the Picton conference. I observed none of those interviewed in Fergus leaving the conference. $400 can be quite a lot of money for those who may be paying medical bills or are on the verge of abandoning their homes. I hope the monies raised at the conference will alleviate their hardship.

    According to professor Alex Salt, from Wash- ington University, St. Louis, infrasound from the turbines affects everyone, though they do not hear it. It can be measured and be as low as 2 hertz. Air turbulence is what generates infra- sound. The professor remarked that it is really strange that there are no scientific papers on this problem. He also stated “the five hundred and fifty setback is insane; it should be set back to 2 kilometers”. Anyone with ear problems would have more severe effects. The professor declared “we are in the middle of a massive experiment here. Oscillating sound can drive people crazy; you cannot judge the pulse by merely listening. Sound itself has nothing to do with infrasound”. Professor Salt ended his information by confirm- ing that Dr. Nissenbaum HAS connected the health effects to the industrial turbines. His in- formation should be studied.

    Eric Gillespie, a lawyer, is going to fight the 550 meter regulation in January. However, it has been admitted that scientists do not know the exact distance required for safety. Even two kilometers may not be enough. If that is the case, there are very few areas that are far enough from habitation. Wolfe Island is now devoid of birds, and bats are dying because the air pressure from the turbines explodes their lungs.

    The most damaging fact is that these turbines do not save any energy and are not cost effective. So who is benefitting from this huge and thoughtless experiment? Gillespie advised that everybody needs to be aware that the govern- ment is giving the approvals for this onslaught any time now. He warned us to watch the environmental registry as there is only a 15 day window after the approval is announced.

    According to Dr. Lou Lombardi, the infrasound expert, there is already more than enough documentation on the health effects of Low Frequency Noise, proving identifiable disease proc- esses. These are psychiatric, cardiac, vascular, endocrine, renal, liver, brain, ocular, ear and neurological. Dr. Lombardi went on to say: “this means more high blood pressure, heart attacks, kidney disease, impaired vision and hearing, diabetes, depression, gastro-intestinal problems, cancers, learning disorders for children and pre- disposition of the unborn to further damage after birth.

    Despite the corporate claims that wind turbines produce no significant infrasound, it is over- whelmingly agreed that these industrial turbines damage the health of people and wildlife even at a so-called “safe” distance. The World Health Organization also agrees with this and the syndrome is now recognized as Vibro Acoustic Disease.

    In view of these irrefutable facts, concerned groups of citizens and scientists are demanding a moratorium on wind farms until there is more research on guide lines and impacts regarding the following:

    1. The release and migration of sedimentary toxin and PCBs
    2. The movements of airborne particulate and carcinogens.
    3. The redirection of sewage effluents from water treatment plants. The averse health effects of wind.
    4. The adverse health effects of wind turbine noise, in particular low frequency noise.

    Many communities are now preparing to pass bylaws against low frequency sounds.

    Doctor Levinthal, often quoted by governments and industry, argues that only 5% of the population are affected. Even if that were so, which is seriously in doubt, why should ANY percentage of the people be cast aside as collateral damage? Dr. Levinthal is a prime example of the corporate cavalier attitude towards the citizens’ rights which now permeate and colludes with our government. In agreement with Dr. Lombardi I predict that those involved in this present and future damage to humanity, will not escape through legalisms and loopholes, but will be held morally and legally responsible for their acts.

    — Sydney White Investigative Journalist / Nov. 5 / Toronto Street News

  5. MSM is DEAD!…….Thank heavens for people like you Victor………………in a world darkened and ignorant of the TRUTH you are a bright light!

  6. Thank you for posting Sydney White’s article. There is at least one more investigative journalist out there worthy of the name!

  7. Mr Wes Keller just needs a bit if humour… from the ChiefIO…

    I highly recommend this link to people who just need a good laugh (at the expense of full-of-themselves Greenies and activists).

    Christmas should be a time of cheer and laughter. Let me know how it works out!

    A compendium of Pure Global warming fun! The only thing missing is a version of “Rock around the Turbines”…


    Al Gores Traveling Global Warming Road Show and…
    The Sea Green Singers make this one worth a look…

    ..and how does the Media Distort News? — catch the Glen Beck segment re the BBC and Roger Harribin…

    “From the not so funny side, how a single activist can blackmail the BBC:”
    Gleb Beck and Newsbusters…

    Couldn’t happen in Canada you say? Don’t bet on it!

    Enjoy it, smile, then — back to the fight!

    ChiefIO is a mathematician of no mean ability — and he has a sense of humor too…

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