2010 Ontario Christmas Carol

(sung to the tune of “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer)
Turbines, the massive invaders,
Have a very shiny light.
And if you ever saw one,
you would even say it’s bright.

All of the rural people,
They got screwed and got called “NIMBY”‘
By Ontario’s Goofy Wind King,
Premier Dad – Dalton McGuinty.

He took away the citizens’ rights,
the day he came to say:
“I can’t stop blowing your money away,
so I impose on you the GEA”.

Now the wind developers love him,
and they shout it out with glee.
But Dalton’s on Santa’s naughty list,
And next October he’ll be history!

2 thoughts on “2010 Ontario Christmas Carol


    ” Then one foggy Christmas eve, McGuinty said to thee. ”

    ” I have been a naughty boy and forgot about fud i cary”

    “So then we would really love him … if He just walked away and died. We would know that after all this foolin … this nightmare really was… at an end..”

    “We could get down to business and save this ol world… by not rely’n on wind!”

  2. I know this isn’t a Christmas song, but the 60’s hit ” Tip-toe Through the Turbines” by Tiny Tim is fitting.

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