Dr. Arlene King is Wrong!

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Dr. Arlene King (Letters, Dec. 15th), Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, tried to justify her report on the potential health impact of wind turbines. This report has been justifiably criticized for ignoring the adverse health effects being experienced by a substantial number of Ontario residents; for ignoring the World Health Authority definition of sleep disturbance and annoyance as adverse health effects; for misquoting from a European research paper on the extent of annoyance due to turbine noise in Sweden and the Netherlands; for denying health problems because the causal route is indirect (annoyance and sleep disturbance lead to stress and a range of health problems as can be imagined) rather than direct.

Her letter was prompted by criticism that, deliberately, there was omission from the report of a minority opinion from a Medical Officer of Health who had experience with those suffering adverse health effects. She seems to confuse community impact and community consultation, which is discussed. The experience with wind developments in Ontario is that community consultation is the developer assuring residents that wind turbines are whisper quiet and community impact is that once up and running the turbines emit a characteristic low frequency swoosh-swoosh-swoosh sound, often with a rumbling variously described as a tumble drier continuously running in the house.

Her advice that we should wait five years for a solar cell expert to pronounce on the health impacts of wind turbines beggars belief.

John Harrison, Stella, Ont 


Response to Arlene King

Dear Dr. King,

I do not have credentials and letters to put in front of or behind my name but one thing that has become starkly clear to me in the last couple of years of looking into this issue is that integrity and compassion are not attached to any professional title.


I have been working on WindVOiCe (wind vigilance for Ontario communities) for almost two years now. Far too many people are sick from living near turbines; turbines they once welcomed into their communities. See www.windvigilance.com for solid data and science on the issue, something your report is seriously lacking.

Have you ever gone to the doctor’s office or emergency room with concerns for your health, only to be dismissed as imaginative or overly sensitive? How does that feel for you?

Embarrassing? Humiliating? Are you angry? Do you feel betrayed for having said anything at all?

How do you feel when you go home and experience the same problem again?
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How much worse would it be for you if the doctors, the government and some of the public went to the media to say that you are imagining your problem and that it doesn’t exist because they just don’t “see” it?

This is what is happening to so many families in our rural community as they try to explain how wind turbines are destroying their health and lives.

It starts with the wind power industry. They don’t want to talk about their product as causing harm. It continues with a government that uses the product to boost their “green” image.

Every time any one of you, public and media alike, tell these people you are skeptical in the face of their suffering, you are doing your part to re-victimize them.

Are you confused between hundreds of people’s accounts of ill health from turbines verses the wind industry/government literature review and engineering modeling saying it isn‘t so?

Before you dismiss one more hurting soul, consider what they are saying. Many don’t want what has happened to them to happen to one more person. They are trying to warn you. So am I.

This isn’t impossible to solve. A proper, INDEPENDENT(NOT done by the Public Health Unit in Grey Bruce), epidemiological study on human beings by health professionals would be an excellent start and should have been done long before any turbine went up.

Lorrie Gillis, Grey Highlands

7 thoughts on “Dr. Arlene King is Wrong!

  1. Tick….Tick….Tick…. That’s the sound of Arlene’s public health career in Ontario running out.

    I suspect there is a Samsung Medical Officer of Health position waiting for her.

  2. “I suspect there is a Samsung Medical Officer of Health position waiting for her.”

    Why would they want a failed bureaucrat?

  3. PS

    According to the ieso website…. wind is currently generating less than 1% of Ontario’s energy needs this morning. Where’s your press release this morning CANWEA on how wind will replace coal??

  4. Unfortunately for us all Ben, your post is like a broken record. If you have not yet done so, please avail yourself of David’s excellent site for comprehensive, in depth analysis of empirical data on that very topic…

    INDUSTRIAL WIND ENERGY IS AN OXYMORON which is fitting because it tends to be championed by regular MORONS!


  5. If you click on the welland tribune site you can comment on the article. Just a thought, it may reach a few more people in the niagara region.

  6. Here is “Letter to the Editor” I submitted regarding this issue, and the content of the “Letter” as published on the Welland Tribune website.

    ~ ~ ~

    Ontarians deserve more from our CMOH

    In the Summary of Review of the May 2010 King Report, it states, “The review concludes that while some people living near wind turbines report symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and sleep disturbance, the scientific evidence available to date does not demonstrate a direct causal link between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects.”

    The key phrase in that statement is, “available to date”–and recall that the King Report was released in May, 2010.

    There are studies available which have been released after the King Report–wherein the researchers conducted a case study and interviewed residents who have industrial wind turbines in their immediate area.

    I would suggest that people look at the website for The Society for Wind Vigilance where some of these studies are available.

    We need to have a moratorium on all industrial wind turbines until an independent, epidemiological study is completed into the health impacts of industrial wind turbines on humans.

    We residents of Ontario deserve no less.

    A simple “literature review” does not cut it.

    We expect our Chief Medical Officer of Health to do more for all of the people of Ontario regardless of an individual’s postal code.

    We certainly expect that our CMOH would talk to individuals who live near industrial wind turbines–and don’t kid yourselves–we are not talking about quaint, benign “windmills”–we are talking about industrial wind turbines with a height of 450 feet or more.

    We do need to look at what the World Health Organization has said regarding proper setbacks.

    How is it that along the shores near Toronto, a 5km setback has been put in place for offshore industrial wind turbines, however, in rural Ontario, a setback of 550m has been deemed sufficient for onshore industrial wind turbines?

    It is time that the government of Ontario steps up to the plate and does the right thing regardless of an individual’s postal code!
    Article ID# 2894038

    ~ ~ ~

    And yes, it is time that Dr. Arlene King admits that she missed the boat on this one and has allowed the health of countless residents of Ontario to be harmed by the onslaught of industrial wind turbines all on her watch! Dr. King needs to pay the piper!

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