Don’t use a shovel to bury the truth
Why does the Ontario government use a euphemism when plain language is better?  The so-called “Provincial Benefit” — to be renamed, according to your “Take Charge” brochure, the “Global Adjustment” on Jan. 1 — is an added Ontario government fee to help pay for the exorbitant wind turbine and solar electricity charges.  Changing the name of a Green Energy Act cost won’t fool anyone. Name it instead the “Green Energy Fee,” and call a spade a spade instead of a bloody shovel. ~Charles Hooker, Orangeville

2 thoughts on “Don’t use a shovel to bury the truth

  1. I guess that Dalton’s not going to take my recommendation….

    ——> “The Ontario Liberals War Against Affordable Energy Tax”

    Dalton’s all encompassing, comprehensive solution for Global Warming……..

    ————-> MORE TAXES….

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