Lynn working on wind study report

By Tracey Richardson, Owen Sound Sun Times

Medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn is working on a report she will deliver next month to the Grey Bruce public health board on options for studying wind turbine health effects.

One thing she is already sure of is that it won’t be her doing the study.  She said the health unit is not a research facility and that an independent institution, such as a university, would be best suited for it.

“I don’t think it’s us doing a study but it may be that they want to commission a study from a university.”The call for a health study on the effects of wind turbines came from Huron-Kinloss in the fall, with several other local municipalities adding their voices.

Lynn said she is now in regular contact with researchers, has looked at some study outlines and protocols, “and I have a bit more stuff I want to do before I put together my actual report.”

Lynn said the health effects on people from wind turbines isn’t well enough known yet, and a proper study could take years. “We need more information about this.”

She said some people living close to the turbines are definitely having issues. Insomnia is the biggest reported symptom.

A study will be very expensive, she said. “You can’t do this cheaply. It’s expensive, and that’s part of the problem is who’s going to fund it. The government isn’t interested in funding it, the wind turbine industry which is making money off these isn’t interested in funding it. So it’s going to have to be grassroots and working at small pieces of this puzzle.”

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  1. The main thing is that any study is conducted by an independent and unbiased research body, and that the correct “questions” are asked in the study.

    We need to be able to prove causality, correlation simply will not cut it.

    Very telling too is that the Ontario government “isn’t interested in funding it, the wind turbine industry which is making money off these isn’t interested in funding it.”

    As Sir Walter Scott wrote, “Oh! what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!”

  2. If this “study” doesn’t use industrial noise pollution measuring protocols already long established by the ISO and equipment certified by ANSI and include “C” weighted measurements as per WHO guidelines, then it is completely invalid!

    What is even more revealing is just such a study has already been done and is being completely ignored by governments!

    I await this latest “study” with some trepidation…



    Does anyone on this (or a related) group have, or have access to Low Frequency Measurement equipment?

    If so what is the cost, supply source etc…???

    Any ideas anyone?

  4. Such good news, that Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Hazel Lynn, is undertaking arrangements for an independent health study on effects of wind turbines, to be presented to Grey Bruce public health board next month. Being in regular contact with researchers should reveal facts that Dr.Arlene King’s ‘book report’ conveniently forgot to state. It seems Dr.King has no conscience, & obviously doesn’t live anywhere near a 49-storey high wind turbine, placed only 550 metres from her home (this 550 m setback rule was labelled “insane” by Alec Salt, PhD, Professor of Otolaryngology at the World Symposium, Oct.29-31). Strangely, Dr.King also isn’t familiar with the Bergen Declaration, a customary international law signed in Canada in 1990 & not given any consideration in her report, further demonstrating that Dr.King is unconcerned about protecting human health & the environment.

    We applaud Keith Stelling on the very direct & thorough letter to Dr.King (Dec.16), challenging the many grave oversights of her report . . . we’ll see if she feels any obligation to be accountable. I certainly won’t be voting Liberal in 2011!


    In response to your QUESTION you could ask Rick James who presented at the Symposium, also wrote an article in Audiology Today.

  6. Looks like they have access to equipment — but it’s high cost by the look of it.

    OK That’s what I needed to know. I have access to equipment components that are very inexpensive. I’ll go a step further and investigate feasibility of doing the build, then the analysis — I have all the components but one so the only issue is some simple analysis. …and a test site.

    Design is done, but the cost in time for going to Toronto to pick up the only component I need is a day… So I was wondering if it was worth the trouble.

    I’ll think about it. 🙂

  7. Like I said Allan, ISO methodology, ANSI equipment, WHO guidelines…

    Standards have existed for years with regards to noise pollution from industrial sources. One simply needs to apply these same standards to wind turbines. The fact that this is not already being done speaks volumes to the level of miss-representation and corruption rampant throughout government!


  8. Allan:

    The rebuttal does not appear to have any actual data — just “opinion”.

    The original paper does appear to have _measured_ data.


  9. So David…

    When ya building your “infrasound” meter?


  10. BBW

    I will see if I can work up the energy to go to Toronto this week. (Downtown) Just need one part now. The rest of the “instrumentation” is built. It was actually for another project entirely. It just needs a sensor set change. The sensors are cheap. The time is expensive. This is an afterthought.

    It is not exactly high priority for me. So if I have time, great, if not, it can wait.

  11. Thanks David and BBW

    Was wondering how this LFN data and standards might impact the occasional use of seasonal equipment commonly used by farmers to produce societies food? Is the low frequency noise produced by wind turbines different than occasional noise produced by tractors and combines?

  12. The LFN from turbines is very different.

    From the beginning…

    See this site for a demonstration of beat notes.

    I have had a chat with Rick James and he has confirmed my suspicions. The turbines “modulate” each other and produce beat notes. The beat notes are in the infra sound range. ( ** This has been measured and documented. ** ) This is because the turbines work in synchrony so that the AC power will be produced at the same frequency as the power lines. The very slight differences in frequency is a source of infra-sound. You would not have this issue with most farm machinery — because they are not identical sets working at identical speeds — typically.

    Those who play guitar will recognize the tuning method of using beat notes to “fine tune” the strings.

    Rick has also confirmed that measurement equipment is in the many thousands of dollars. The equipment is produced to exacting standards. (Mine won’t be.)

    As for a detector, the supplier has confirmed that they have the parts, now I just need the time. The only advantage to my design would be a very low price — hundreds instead of thousands $$$. If it works. And if the queen had…


  13. I find this very interesting and frustrating. How many studies need to be done. There seems to be so many examples of what can happen when turbines are placed too close to people. If a person has to “find” sleeping places either by renting or buying another place to live to manage your life that , to me, indicates, a life changing problem. If you have to abandon your home that too is a indication. The problem we have here is with the “gag orders” after the victims have been bought out they can’t say anything so how will be counted or studied.

  14. So, David since there are some municipalities such as Huron East proposing general LFN bylaws in conjunction with other municipalities who in turn have all been told that the bylaw MAY impact grain elevators and farm machinery use. Are you saying if the LFN bylaw is properly designed it would not impact grain elevators and farm equipment, yet would mitigate excess wind turbine LF noise? If so, then I am sure they would like to know how to word it!

  15. T3:

    I did some Low Frequency noise mitigation for some structures – it worked. However it was guess-work. Also it was part of another unrelated project — I just did the work on the basis that “maybe — it might/should work — who knows”?

    The sleep disturbance is not zero but it’s now (maybe) once a week for a maybe a minute as opposed to many times a night. Also, people in that residence work shift work so noise presence in daytime was an issue as well. The noise was present day and night at various times — not it is only noticeable for extreme events.

    A proper study that actually measured the noise and determined frequencies etc could do before and after measurements to tune the mitigation strategy. In other words you would know exactly when the structure additions or alterations were correct for the circumstances.

    I don’t want to say too much at this point as I may want to write a short paper on the strategy and the success.

  16. Allan:

    If you looked at the link on beat notes you can see how and why multiple units (of something) produce a very irritating low frequency noise.

    They should probably contact someone like Rick James for professional advice and pay a few bucks. He knows his stuff.

    Until someone measures the LF Noise presence at some structures here in Canada, and then ties certain levels back to sleep disturbance, all you can do is write a bylaw that bans LFN at some dB level as measured at dwellings and hope you caught it. But even if you do, then someone has to measure and prove a violation. The original noise is not (normally?) detectable by ear. The noise is detectable by effects and symptoms.

    The type of incidental catches that you might get are rock crushers, trains (tracks used for heavy freight) and road access used for very heavy transport — like large ore carriers. I can verify that this could be an issue. City subway likely produces LFN as well.

    If this little project works I could have some data in a week or two (or three or four) — since I have a modified structure to test where LFN is passing through it but no longer causing sleep disturbance.

    My test unit is up and running and doing data collection now — I just don’t have the sensors. I called today and confirmed stock level — they are waiting in downtown Toronto. So if I make it there tomorrow (today now!) I could have some quick answers — otherwise it will wait till the new year.

    I did not put the modification costs in my previous posts — it was about $2500 for materials, it would likely be about $2500 to $4000 for labour. Cheap when you think about it, and a useful function was provided — so it does not have to be “dead weight”. But maybe this one worked “because it worked” — that’s why I would like to measure…That it did work is not disputable.

    Hope all that makes sense. I slept for a few hours and finished up the measurement system after 1AM today.

  17. Hey Allan.

    I just happen to be an ex-farm boy who spent a great deal of time bent over the steering wheels of various pieces of heavy farm equipment. Yeah, no question, some of this stuff cranks out the noise at high levels in just about every frequency range you can imagine. And yeah, I was out on the land at 4:00 AM trying to beat an approaching storm front during the spring planting season and the fall harvest, much to chagrin of some neighbors.

    However, this was pretty rare. We’re talking a few nights over an entire year. Not a few nights every week! As a kid trying to take care of over 300 animals (dairy, sheep, pig) on 360 acres, 99% of the time my exhausted ass was literally “unconscious” in a bed by 10:00PM.

    As for the neighbors… They never complained to us even once AND they would sometimes pitch in and help.

    One cannot compare noise produced by agricultural activity to that produced from industrial wind turbines.


  18. T-3 Our problem, is how to find people like you who don’t have a gag order placed on them?
    What I’m hoping for, since I don’t believe this crazyness will end soon, is that we can some how get a database of people who have had to leave their homes and the why and how far the turbines are from their homes.
    We have talked to our (in US) county boards and I really don’t know how to say. The wind company can say what it wants with nothing to back up, we who want safe setbacks can site testimony, studies with sources and it’s still. “You can’t believe everything that’s on the internet”. (Actually they mean except the wind company site).
    The wind company pits neighbor against neighbor and town against rural. Since the US just voted to continue the “give away” of taxpayer money for another year — we’ll see fast tracking of them in the US.

    I’d like to see a central database set up to trak wind turbine victims.

  19. BBW:

    Thanks — the issue is the low cut-off. It is 31.5Hz on that unit.

    The sensors I am picking up in a few hours will go to 1HZ at the low end. We are guessing that a good bit of the irritation was in the 15-30Hz area…

  20. Bette,

    Great idea. Locate the wind turbine victims in both countries and have them meet at a central website to record their stories.

  21. Barbara,
    It would be nice if a “health related” site would take this on.

    Trying to explain the problems to board members is frustrating. They seem to have lost all sense of logic. People would not “abandon their homes,” “Sell to the wind company their homes”, “buy or rent sleeping homes”, doctors would not present studies, but it’s “oh, well, the developer said it sounds like a refrigerator and when I (board member) visited one and stood underneath it didn’t make noise”. So there ends the gospel according to the “wind company”.

  22. Wind Vigilance is a health related site that maybe would take this job on?………………..

  23. David…

    You’re talking about the frequency ranges of biological systems here, like your digestive system, heartbeat, brain waves, etc.

    In fact, I believe the frequency range you intend to measure corresponds almost exactly with the Schumann Resonance frequencies from 7.8 to 45 Hz. As you are obviously aware, these apply to essentially all complex biological structures that evolved on this planet, including us



  24. Bette,

    Wind Vigilence is a health related wind turbine website where victims could at least share their health stories by commentaries to begin with and go from there.

    Presenting your board members with the current information as to the wind turbine situation in the U.K. where wind turbine costs have forced the price of electricity up the point where the average person find it difficult to pay their bills.

    Last week there was a report that about 1/3 of the people of Scotland and Wales are now in energy poverty due to skyrocketing energy costs. The same thing will happen in North America when people have to beging paying for wind turbines in their electric bills.

    Next month electric bills in Oregon are going up due to the new inclusion of wind turbine costs in electric bills.

    People in the U.K. are dying from cold related health issues because they lack adequate heat in their homes because they can’t afford heat.

    Are your board members willing to take responsibility for these things happening in their area? They should be asked this question.

  25. Barbara I will make sure I get that info and the location of the source. They are good ones, as we had a mayor of a small town who (is in the county, but NOT in (as far as we know) a futre IWF – stated “just look how high my electric bill is”. We need these IWF – tried to tell him that prices will go up, but not sure it did any good.

    Does Wind V. compile any of the results by size of turbine, how far away, etc.
    At the County Board meeting where several spoke for better setbacks – We’d used a brochure that had a burning turbine. The board member pointed that never could happen.
    A guest spoke about their experiences living near the turbines — that was discounted. Maybe they’ll listen to higher cost of electricity.
    As of now our board only see jobs (yes, you & I know they are little to none), property tax money (that is if they don’t ask for an abatement after they’re built). It’s very hard to get anyone to listen to facts when all they see is $ signs and the economic development people are falling all over themselves to make it happen!

  26. “This knowledge is beyond my pay grade”

    David, no one is paying me a red cent to research this stuff, so my applicable pay grade is essentially zero. As for the knowledge itself, that is in the public domain.

    As you’re the one planning on measuring these frequencies, I just assumed you were fully aware of the ramifications. My bad. Assumptions are how the windy greenies prove the efficacy of their monstrosities and why we are all at this in the first place!

    There is a reason why infrasonic frequencies are used by governments with malicious intent!

    Check it out… Grey matter food.


  27. Barbara,
    I’ll ck out about Minot ND. I “suspect” that jobs are counted for each IWF even though the person may travel from one IWF to another. I tried to find out the number of jobs at a county north of us that has a IWF run by the same company, no one knew (you would think the county officials would know) and since the company is getting government money that should be public record. The county official said they would call the company – they never got back to them.
    I totd a reporter that we had difficulty finding the info. She called the county planning official they “thought” it was 6 jobs (this is a small county they should easily know). She called the company to get info on the number — that’s been a month ago. So far they haven’t responded.

  28. Bette,

    You may be right about the jobs counted on basis of each wind project. The Minot,N.D. project is a “public” project and that’s how the numbers got released. So all we have is a good estimate but when the 1/14 MW was run against some Ontario figures it fits rather well. Anyway not many full time post construction jobs are created by IWTs.

    It may be a good idea to watch the situation this winter in the U.K. Saw unconfirmed figures in U.K. during this cold snap of 60 GW from coal and 2GW purchased from France with only 0.01-0.03% electricity from wind turbines. The U.K. has already spent huge sums of money on turbines and wants to add 10,000 more of them.

    What a waste of money! If we don’t stop this here the public will have skyrocketing electric bills and get no electricity in the end.

  29. There are certain Ontario Politicians to whom I would like to provide “electricity in the end”. Even if I could only use the cables from a Wind Turbine to provide the power…
    perhaps the “intermittency” and randomness would make the experience all the more compelling in nature, and in the end.

  30. Correction: that should be 0.1-0.3 % from wind turbines.

    Bishop Hill Blog has ongoing discussion on U.K. power problems. For example Dec.21,10 for last 24hrs wind 1106 MWh ~ o.1% contribution.

    Bishop Hill Blog

    Read the comments on this situation for input.

  31. Thank you David!!!

    An excellent” mind picture” to be sure! 🙂


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