New priority ranking for 242 first-round FIT projects

December 21, 2010 – Today, Ontario Power Authority posted the priority ranking for 242 first-round FIT projects – applications submitted between October 1 and November 30, 2009 – that did not receive contracts. The ranking is based on the acceleration – shovel readiness – criteria used to assess the first-round applications.  

The ranking can be viewed here

6 thoughts on “New priority ranking for 242 first-round FIT projects

  1. McGuinty is a Mad Man!………….this cannot continue to be tolerated!

    He is working diligently to destroy this Province and is not in any way shape or form doing one single thing in the interests of the Citizens of Ontario!

    How many Laws have been broken by this man?

  2. The last couple of pages list projects where there are “Contracts Offered.” Can someone explain what this means with regards to what stage these projects are at?


  3. B.O.B.:

    The “Contracts Offered” refers to those FIT projects which were announced on April 9, 2010.

    The vast majority of the 184 FIT contracts offered on April 9, 2010 have to be commissioned (i.e., up and running) in March/April 2013.

  4. This list is nauseating, Essex landfill was close to getting a contract and now they are way down on the list. Their infastucture is waiting for a contract and has been for years. The Liberals are 2 faced over green energy.

  5. These “carpet bagging Fiberals” are itching to dump billions of dollars into a lost cause like wind power but will be cutting back on needed Health Care because more than half their expenditures are in the Health Care field. Also costs of Health Care expenses are rising to 6 to 7% a year for the Baby Boomers who are now clogging their arteries and requiring Hospital Care.

    IF they stopped all “Renewable Development” and spent the money on Health Care we would have a rather healthy aging population that would require less and less emergency room care at less cost to the taxpayer. It would also allow people to work a bit longer and create wealth instead of being bed-ridden and non productive.

    But alas, that isn’t the way McGuinty looks at it…………he has signed deals with the devil and is forever in bed with the Industrialists that are hell bent on the destruction of our Province come hell or high water!

    Too bad you can’t stop this guy in the courts but he has re-written all the Laws that originally protected US from foul decisions he has made and there is no Law anymore in Ontario for the Citizens Protection.

    Tyranny?……………. what else would one call it?

  6. We have to stop this before Ontario goes beyond redemption

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