Response to Wind Salesman’s Letter

Owen Sound Sun Times

You have recently published a letter from one Malcolm Hamilton who rails against those of us opposed to massive ugly wind turbines near our homes. He purports to be giving facts to Larry Miller, MP, though much of his essay is opinion.

I thank Mr. Miller for questioning the wisdom of wind factories on the Niagara Escarpment, or anywhere else.

I must point out one thing in particular. I always put more stock in a man’s word or stated position if he is forthright and honest about where he is coming from. Mr Hamilton fails to mention that he is a principal in “Chinodin Wind Power,” which is a business which sneaks around trying to sign up farmers to host these 1,000-foot monstrosities on their farms, regardless of what are the effects on neighbours. I’m quite sure that Mr. Hamilton is well-paid for sign-ups, odd he did not enlighten us. When one has a dog in the hunt, I think it behooves one to disclose this.

Mr. Hamilton seems to think being a NIMBY is some sort of crime. I make no apologies — that is exactly what I am. I do not want to be in the shadow of one or more of these things. They are ugly and overwhelming. They drastically lower the value of my property. They appear to have effects on mental and physical health of those nearby. They destroy the aesthetics of an area. They will eventually be abandoned with no-one to dismantle them. They are inefficient. They require carbon-based resources while running.

I can only wonder what sort of person would put one of these things on his/her property despite the effects on the neighbours. Is there no end to greed and selfishness — love of money over care for one’s fellow man.

Personally, I would never do that to the environment or neighbours, despite having a low income. I respect both myself and my neighbours too much to do so.

As for municipalities favouring these things, I say to Mr. Hamilton — “hang onto your hat.” The anti-wind groups are just beginning to fight back. Obviously he sees it and it scares him. May I say this — it is a long road knows no turning. First we will throw McGuinty out. Then we shall see.

Tim Thompson, Annan

12 thoughts on “Response to Wind Salesman’s Letter

  1. “When one has a dog in the hunt, I think it behooves one to disclose this.”

    These windy greenies are nothing if not consistent.

    Non-disclosure is their watch-word!

    Were we actually governed instead of oppressed; these mendacious bastards would not exist. I am speaking of course of BOTH government(s) and the selfish, greedy NGOs in bed with government(s).

    Our governments at all levels pretend to represent our interests only the day after the election writ is dropped and immediately STOP representing our interests the day after the election is over! I am increasingly incredulous we even bother with the charade elections have become!

    It was 1974 when Canada lost all vestige of democracy. That was the year our government gave up control of federal and provincial government financing as the unaffordable price of becoming a member of the G7. Since that day, we have in fact been governed by entities we do not and cannot elect! These include but are not limited to; the IMF, World Bank, Domestic and International Commercial Banks, Multinational Corporations, Foreign Governments including but not limited to China and the USA.

    “Once a nation parts with the control of its credit, it matters not who makes the laws.”
    William Lyon Mackenzie King

    Yes, Dalton is done, but will whoever replaces him be any better?

    That is the question.


  2. With Britain only receiving 0.1 – 0.3 per cent of their power from their massive amount of IWTs during this week’s deep freeze, when is this insanity going to stop? The CBC has made absolutely no mention of this fact, while they continue pushing wind in our faces. Enough is enough!

  3. Bluenose,

    All the MSM reports on is the thousands of airline passengers stuck in European airports due to the winter storms. Then blame the whole situation on global warming.

    Meanwhile the average U.K. citizen will have a cold and miserable Christmas thanks to having to pay for wind turbines that don’t produce enough electricity to keep them warm.

    Coming to Ontario soon if this wind turbine nonsense isn’t stopped.

  4. “Yes, Dalton is done, but will whoever replaces him be any better?

    That is the question.”

    Yes ,now is the time for the ‘other parties’ to state how they would move forward after an election in 2011.Contracts have been signed ,no matter who in power.So the beast has a long term presence,in our pocket book .So whether its Liberal ,PC or NDP , everyone needs to know after an election WHO and HOW are the Green problems that exist going to be addressed ? Changing a name does not mean the intent to fix the problem .So ask those that would a change, what the party would do different and then we will see if its realistic or just more broken promises to come .

  5. Some talking points: Whoever will replace McGuinty should PROMISE that they will include a “recall vote” option on the ballot that would give that party some semblence of honesty.

    Whoever will replace McGuinty should PROMISE, in writing, that our Hydro Charges will be re-instated to levels that are affordable such as they were 3 years ago……….. regardless of the excuses they will use saying they can’t, like contracts being in place. Cancel all contracts under the “Odious Contract” policy as suggested by Lawrence Solomon last week.

    Whoever will replace McGuinty should get back to the basics of representing the PEOPLE, not the INDUSTRY…….any Party that says they can’t are CORRUPT and shouldn’t even be recognized as being “human”!……………… that should eliminate 99% of the politicians!

    Heres the way you can tell who is HONEST these days: THEY ARE POOR!

  6. This whole “Green Energy” project is a massive screw up. Our dear leader McGuinty and his followers have been sucked in by some of the slickest salesmen ever to walk this earth. Now energy users and tax payers in the province of Ontario get pay for these very poor business decisions. If these turbines need to be built how about installing them on crown land in northern Ontario. Algonquin Park might be a nice place to start building wind mills, set backs should not be a problem there.

  7. They come in sheep’s clothing and try to sucker the other greedy sheep people to join in. Hard to jump out once you have been suckered in. To bad your neighbour now has to find a new home with a very low appraisal value he needs to work harder and longer to pay to live somewhere else. Very nice trade off for green energy dictator policy with more green taxes and higher cost for energy plus losing your country property you thought was peace on heaven. Thanks to all the greedy wolves and special thanks to the dictator premier of this dept redden province that is going down the tubes. MERRY XMAS

  8. 28,000 people die in Britain every winter of consumption because they can’t afford to heat their homes properly! Usually they are older folks who’s income can’t support a steady heat supply.

    That is the “norm” but I would suggest that this winter that number will double………… move forward a couple of years and bring this reality to bear in Ontario!…..this is the legacy Dalton McGuinty will be known for in this Province……the loss of homes and land are nothing compared to the DEATHS he will be known for!

  9. Will whoever replaces the lying,thieving,bas–rd liberals,be any better? N.D.P.? No. Conservatives? Yes. Hudac has already said
    he will repeal the GEA, so he will.Done deal. It is just liberals, who
    lie to get elected.i.e.Crooked Jean, The Lying Machine Chretien.Most
    conservatives are honest about their beliefs and intentions should
    they win office.
    Then if Hudac uses the protection of Odious Obligation Act,he can
    boot the low life wind turbine proponents, back from whence they
    came, with their void contracts,up their butts.
    So be smart, use your heads Vote Conservative!!!!!

  10. “Hudac has already said
    he will repeal the GEA, so he will.Done deal. It is just liberals, who
    lie to get elected.”

    Douglas, please tell me you’re kidding? And this message goes out to all who agree with the above comment:

    No political party will fix this and the GEA will not, I repeat, will not be repealed until a million Ontarians march Queens Park demanding it! And even then I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    With all due respect Sir, you seem new to politics. Either that, or you’re just clinging on to a false sense of hope so you don’t have to deal with the conscious thought of painful reality.

  11. Of the political choices little hope is better than no hope at all. The GEA does not have to be repealed, but could become an Act with little teeth no longer able to bite the people of Ontario.

  12. Perhaps I was a tad optimistic sounding in my opinion above, Tom,
    but I am from Alberta, where corruption in politics is much less a
    problem,less obvious anyway,than it seems to be here in Ont.
    i.e. In the immediate aftermath of the sponsorship scandal, I asked
    a client what he thought about the extreme/unbeleivable,corruption
    in the Chretien gov.& his reply was basically, no big deal, they`re
    all the same! Then proceeded to re-elect them in the next election!!
    In Alberta, we kick their ass out! In Ont.we re-elect them. Duh!
    News Flash! All pols. are not liars.All Libs. seem to be. However that
    is a personal opinion from my own experiences.
    zen2then probably says it best. Of the political choices little hope is
    better than no hope at all. So voting conservative is our only hope.
    That is the reality.

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