Turbines require large reserves of nasty lubricating oil

Turbine leaking oil

St. Catherines Standard Editorial

So, Premier Dalton McGuinty and his Liberals think it’s a good idea to blow our tax dollars on those windfarms that will become eyesores on the land and waters of Ontario?  Let alone health-hazards due to noise that can cause stress and heart-palpitations?

Add in the fact that instead of staying in North America our tax dollars will be going to a company in Korea to provide the technology, McGuinty and the “green-scene” are indeed, a bunch of windbags!

Here’s a fact they “forgot” about. Windmills are high-maintenance devices with sensors that adjust the blade pitch to the wind flow and direction. They have metallic moving parts. Like the engine of your car, they require lubrication. What do we use for lubrication?  Oil.

Yet, the eco-freaks hate oil! They hate the oil industry, the way oil is produced, etc. Yet; without oil, those “green energy” windmills will simply grind to a halt in a screaming cacophony of grinding metal upon metal.

It takes energy to shift energy to another form.

After all; a founding law of physics states: “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it just changes form.”

Isn’t it ironic that oil is required for that wind-bag green-scheme?

Dalton; you’re tilting at windmills.

6 thoughts on “Turbines require large reserves of nasty lubricating oil

  1. Over 600 litres of oil in the larger machines. Leakage can be expected with age, (or sooner) and can go undetected for days depending on maintenance schedules. Other lubricants are also at risk of leakage. When industrial wind turbines are in the water it will affect water quality as most spills would be impossible to contain. The government’s answer to the problem; Dilution is the solution to pollution.

  2. Not the only dirty part, the rare earth metals IWT require are not “green” either.

    They also expect the damned gear boxes to fail in 6 or seven years adding another major expense in repair and parts. That is probably when they have the potential to burst into flames and spew toxic fumes.

  3. There is nothing dirty about “rare earth minerals”. They are used for a wide variety of machinery — especially in health, lasers, magnets and XRAY equipment.

    Mining the minerals is where any damage does occur — if bad practice is followed.


    As for the 600 liters of oil — don’t focus on that red herring. There are bigger fish to fry.

  4. Pardon my shorthand David,

    I was referring to the production end…I make a habit of looking where and how things came to be before I embrace them as “green”.

  5. Not all windmills have gearboxes, these are
    “diect drive” turbines.

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