Interview with Mark Mattson, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

Mark Mattson has been paying close attention to the wind project on Wolfe Island. He is the President and Waterkeeper with the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, which was an intervenor in provincial consultations around the approval of the project on Wolfe Island.

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Mark Mattson, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

  1. “Many politicians, environmentalists and entrepreneurs see them as a sign of progress and a thing of beauty”

    These are the same people who live far, far away from the harm and expense they perpetrated against others while they reap the profits!

    I have a permanent, workable solution to this problem but am barred from mentioning it! I fear it will come to pass anyway!


  2. Wolfe Island is more than likely finished as a tourist destination. Then it will cost big dollars to decommission the turbines and restore the beauty of the island.

  3. Another example of Liberal politics to join with (compliment ?) the
    destruction left from the bastard Trudeau,Canadas`all time worst,
    P.M.! When will Ontarians learn that ALL Liberals are lying, thieving,
    bastards from hell?…….Voting Conservative, is our one & only
    hope, for a prosperious future in Ont..That is a political fact, whether you like them or not,they`re the only party speaking out
    against this phony green(grey) B.S..And unlike Libs., they normally
    try to do as they say, after winning power! Another political fact!
    My thoughts are with those, sickened by turbines,forced from
    thier homes, on this Christmas day. God Bless You All. I pray for a
    better year to come.(even though I`m not overly religious,it can`t
    hurt to ask the big guy for help!).

  4. As one astute commentor said over at Wattsupwiththat, “Split atoms, not birds.”

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