Township circulates petition against wind turbines

By Mark Hoult, QMI Agency, Peterborough Examiner

NORWOOD — Asphodel-Norwood Township residents who want to show their concern about the impact of industrial wind turbines on human health and property values are signing a petition.

Asphodel-Norwood council voted last week to make the petition by Progressive Conservative Durham MPP John O’Toole available to residents concerned about the spread of wind turbine developments after resident Debbie Lynch submitted the document to council.

O’Toole’s petition argues that the provincial Liberal government’s Green Energy Act “allows wind turbine developments to bypass meaningful public input and municipal approvals” and calls on Environment Minister John Wilkinson to revise the act to “allow full public input and municipal approvals on all industrial wind farm developments.”

The petition also asks the government to declare a moratorium on wind turbines until a study into their health and environmental impacts can be completed.

Noting the municipality has declared a moratorium on the construction of wind turbines in the township, Reeve Doug Pearcy said council should support Lynch’s request to make the petition available to township residents.

“There is a grave concern across the province about this Green Energy Act and how it has removed all responsibility from the municipalities. So that’s why I support this.”

The petition is available at the township office, the Norwood and Westwood libraries and other municipal facilities.

Energy Farming Ontario wants to build three 1.8-megawatt wind turbines on privately owned land south of Norwood near Hastings in a project called Wind Farm Collie Hill.

But the company has faced opposition from nearby residents, just as the company also has encountered with its other plans for wind turbines on land near Millbrook (Whispering Woods Wind Park), Bethany (Settlers Landing Wind Park and Snowy Ridge Wind Park), Roseneath (Clean Breeze Wind Park) and Orono (ZEP Wind Farm Ganaraska).

The Brighton-based company has held public meetings on all of these proposed projects over the past few months.

5 thoughts on “Township circulates petition against wind turbines

  1. Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals introduced the most fascist piece of legislation in Ontario History….The Green Energy Act….

    It forces Industrial Wind Farms into our farmlands and rural hamlets….and also our Lakes….by taking away any public input from the decision-making process….There will be over 20,000 Wind Turbines forced onto our lands and into our lakes.

    They are also spending over $28 Billion for ZERO new energy….along with an $8 Billion UNTENDERED Contract to Samsung….your rates will still double in addition to your taxes going up..

    The Ontario Liberals will pay dearly for this crime against rural Ontario….

    I predict that there will not even be ONE Liberal MPP elected in rural Ontario….The MOE Minister John Wilkinson (Perth-Wellington) is endorsing this crime and he will be toast…GOOD-BYE JOHN WILKINSON….

  2. I wonder if the dumpster in the back of Queen’s Park is full yet with all the petitions they have thrown into it?

    I’ve got a better use for the dumpster…..fill it with Liberals and carry them off to a landfill so they can get a birds eye view of the potential of methane generation of electricity………….One problem…..the dump operator wouldn’t allow it in because it would be full of “toxic waste”!

  3. Right on Quixote. We live in a dictatorship. I have never voted liberal and I never will
    I have written letters to McGuinty, Carol Mitchell and all they do is quote the green energy act. I always thought these people we elected represented the people that elected them. I thought that is what a democracy was. I guess I was wrong.
    I think they should all be taken to court and charged with misrepresentation, the propaganda they told the people of Toronto, there rights stripped, no fat pension they will get for being an MP and charged for what they have done to our beautiful Province.

  4. Good for Asphodel-Norwood Township counsel ! Ditto for P.C. MPP
    John O`toole of Durham for getting this petition going. Every initiative like this helps. Hopefully it will snowball & many more councels will follow suite.Soon we`ll have that million strong protest
    to march on Queens Park! Won`t we ? Maybe ?
    Some how ,some way, It Must Stop!!!!
    It gets more obvious all the time, why Libs. want to disarm the people.Dictating bastards from hell !! Merry Christmas All

  5. For years I, like so many have enjoyed the serenity,peacefulness and beauty of Lake Superior, here at Sault Ste Marie.
    This sacred gift must be protected! We cannot allow towers for wind turbines to spoil this natural pristine wonder- Go green yes, but not this way… Gord

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