Wind and Solar Usless, Politicized

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Landfill gas would be a benefit to all

In the news, a film studio has a contract for 500 kilowatts of solar at $.80/kWh. The same day the announcement was made that county council will allow Toronto garbage because they need the revenue.

What’s wrong with this picture is that the landfill has been waiting years for a contract to produce electricity from the methane gas at $.17/kWh and our government is allowing wind and solar to jump the queue. They are so two-faced about renewable energy.

The bottom line is they are only interested if it is good for their friends. Landfill gas to electricity would be a financial benefit to all Essex County residents.

In other news, two councillors from Essex want solutions to rising energy costs. There are none.

Renewable energy is not only costly, our grid was not designed to transport from a generator and to distribute electricity at the same time. To modify the grid for this will cost billions.

Before the Green Energy Act, the generators had to pay the cost to connect to the grid. They whined and now we pay the costs.

That is why your electricity bill is going up. There are provisions in the act for low interest loans so people can get help paying their bills. That alone tells one they knew that there were exorbitant rate hikes coming.

Despite what people think, wind and solar is not free. Write, email or call your MPP, let them know you are not happy. Not that they really care.

Brenda Dunn, Harrow

Electric heat was affordable once

As a retired area manager for Ontario Hydro and as one from the original sales group promoting electricity for heating, I feel compassion for those heating by that means and also feel strongly that some form of electrical rate relief should be provided.

When we began selling heating in the late ’50s, separate meters for the heating were installed and it was universally billed at 1.35 cents per kWh. The reduced rate was justified by the “high load factor” of that use, which meant it could be provided cheaper than regular usage.

We supplied electricity at cost in those days. Nobody knows how electricity is priced out these days, except it appears to be politically rather than otherwise.

That notwithstanding, it would seem reasonable that electric heating would still have the same electrical system influence and could, therefore, be served at a ratio of heating to regular use equal to the original ’50s pattern.

Surely, even if virtually useless for electrical generation, windmills and photo electric cells can be justified for other reasons, and some relief can be found for those who are being crippled by a public service which was perfectly reasonably priced when their decision to heat in that manner was made.

Wes Chalmers, Chatham

11 thoughts on “Wind and Solar Usless, Politicized

  1. Low interest loans to help pay Hydro bills only means spreading the misery around to more people who will have to make up the difference in costs.

    Dec.21,10 :
    “Britains big freeze death toll hits 300 every day”

    “Age UK calledfor ministers to bring in an emergency winter plan and tackle fuel poverty and energy efficiency to cut the number of excess deaths in winter”.

    This is the result of energy poverty and there will be the same situation in Ontario if the present Ontario energy policies are continued.

    Ontario is following the same green energy plans as those in place in the U.K.

  2. U.K. Energy Programme features:
    1. Green energy charges
    2.Energy saving policies like more efficient appliances and conservation.
    3.Renewables Obligations – Complex subsidy paid to generators
    4.Feed-in Tariff
    5.Requires flexible conventional generators
    6.Has off-shore wind programme. Like our wind turbines in the Great Lakes
    7.Has cap & trade

    Many of the costs imposed on the comsumer are still concealed. There are areas in which relevent information is either difficult to obtain or simply non-existent.

    Prime Minister David Cameron in Oct.,10 said of the off-shore programme “It’s a triple win.It will help secure our energy supplies,protect our planet,and Carbon Trust says it could create 70,000 jobs”.

    Sounds familiar to Ontarians dosen’t it? Or are we living in the U.K. and don’t know it yet?

  3. “Nobody knows how electricity is priced out these days, except it appears to be politically rather than otherwise.”
    Not a good future for investing in this province.

  4. How Do We Shift Power to the People
    and Away from Concentrated Corporate Power? We need independent electoral activity along with an independent movement and independent media to shift the power to the people. Big business rule our life not the Premier or Prime Minister.

  5. Money interests will rule only if the electorate allows them to rule.

    Do not forget that that our forefathers fashioned a government here based on English common law and a bottom up government by the people.

    Best wishes to all for Christmas and the New Year.

  6. Sorry Barbara but the greedy corporate elite have taken over and our forefathers dream of democracy is not any more and yes we have allowed it. we are to busy working our asses of being slaves to the government and to the controllers. Police do not really protect us the way they use to and work mostly for the corporate world collecting more taxes. We have been side tracked with entertainment with the Internet and sports and have no time to really to react and worry about all this. But more and more we are being affected and then maybe the shit will hit the fan. But now every one is to busy and are allowing this all to happen. If you think you live in a democracy but I believe you are living in a dream world because it is not for me they have ruined just about everything i have and are continuing this path of destruction. Paying my higher hydro bills with a smart meter while others get rich on it and destroying my home my investment my health my family. This Ontario SUCKS I would love to live elsewhere now, away from corporate greedy controllers.

  7. Could Mrs.Cleggs be engaging in a “little” self dealing?

    And this has been and still is the green energy policy that the Ontario government is following. Seems like this is not an origianl Ontario policy but one taken from the U.K and imposed on Ontarians.

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