Dr. Arlene King misrepresents the facts

Global News Show Transcript
SEAN MALLEN: Just about a minute left and another one – we talk a lot about energy issues on this program and wind power is one of them, and you also weighed in on complaints about health effects of wind power. Lots of people really strongly in this province believe that they’re feeling something bad. Again is there some need to do some better study on this do you think?

Dr Arlene King: Well again, there actually has been an awful lot of studies done on this issue by a lot of credible organizations. I mean Health Canada certainly has a position on this issue, the World Health Organization. There have been a lot of studies done in Europe. We have reviewed the literature extensively. I had a group of people assembled to review the literature on that issue and I certainly am convinced that there is no evidence of a link between adorous health outcomes and wind turbines, when properly regulated with the appropriate systems that are in place right now in Ontario by the Ministry of the Environment.

SEAN MALLEN: Okay, I’m sure we’re going to hear more about it in any case. I hear a lot from these people. Anyway, good to have you on the program, Dr King.

Dr Arlene King: You’re very welcome.

8 thoughts on “Dr. Arlene King misrepresents the facts

  1. OMA should be doing a huge investigation on this woman’s credentials and “association” with Politicians and Industry. She is “discrediting” what used to be a noble profession. Shame on her!

  2. She does not seem to know what a study is… But then she is an MD right? Not a researcher — they are different animals.

    She should never have opened her mouth and removed all doubt!

  3. Sean Mallen should have simply quoted her own report…

    THAT would have removed even more doubt!

    Merry Christmas!


  4. Personally it didn’t seem like she said much of anything she didn’t say before. The interviewer should actually have an interview with those people who have information and studies discounting her.

    Where are investigative reporting… I don’t want to seem disrespectful, but it seems like all reporters or (news people) do is read press releases given them, talk a script given to them. Who will do any investigative reporting you might step on “big winds toes”, or the powers that be and then lose your job.

  5. Actually I think the title is a misrepresentation of the facts.

    Before one can represent or misrepresent the truth one must be able to discern truth and second one must have the integrity to properly represent the facts.

  6. You’re so right, Bette.

    Where are the investigative reporters of the resent past and where are their succesors? This Week Has 7 Days – Patrick Watson, Victor Malarek, W5, The Fifth Estate?

    Dale Goldhawk certainly did his best in the several weeks before and after the International Symposium [which he also attended] to publicize the deficits of the AWEA/CanWEA presentations of the ?benefits? of wind energy and to support those who were trying to expose the scientific, economic, financial and health deficits of this poor excuse for a sustainable technology.

    Do you think we should all phone those investigative programmers and suggest an indepth digging into the Industrial Wind Turbine SCAM?

  7. Please do not call her a doctor.how can a doctor dismiss all the health people complain about as if they are not real. this is no Doc to me but a lady with some sort of connection dealing with the big corporate money scamming cheaters and crooks.

  8. She is wearing Dalton’s pearls!
    She can take them to her grave……..
    Investigation will prove nothing.she is told what to say. as Carol Mitchel is.
    I would like to know the name of that person. The person that dreamt up this ‘green buck waste of time and energy!’

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