Dr. Arlene King refuses to talk to victims or look at new research

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  1. “I see nothing”….”Gee it’s dark up here”….”Hard to breathe”….

  2. H.L. Mencken:
    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”

  3. I have entered this battle several years after many of you….so I don’t know what has already been tried….has anyone tried to file a complaint through the Child Welfare agencies in this province? I am finding that an industry deliberately putting the health of people at risk is despicable, but I am really bothered by the fact that no one seems to be caring about the children, particularly in the host families residences, where, apparently “by law”, the minimum setbacks are allowed to be ignored. I do not fault the parents of these children….I know they are buying in to the “there is no risk” and unfortunately have faith in a government and industry that cares little or nothing about anything but money, but is there not some agency that is supposed to be standing up for the children??? When did it become okay to deliberately put the health of anyone’s children at risk for any amount of money?

  4. Child Welfare Offices are being run by the same mentality as Arlene King and her cohorts in Health……..they report to nobody and are basically Public Private Partnerships which are totally outside the laws of the land!

    We are on our own folks! Solutions must come from US!….

  5. With Bill C36 being passed in Ottawa I guess the real reason for a Health Officer being employed is to punish people who are attempting to heal themselves!

    The following may open your eyes:

    “Hey MPs I told you so
    Posted on December 12, 2010 by iamjema
    To all MPs and a majority of the Senators,

    Bill C-36, an act respecting consumer product safety.

    Strange isn’t it how things work out.

    I, along with many others, wrote to you all about Bill C-36, and NHPs.

    Section 4 (3) states:

    For greater certainty, this Act does not apply to natural health products as defined in 1(1) of the Natural Health Products Regulations made under the Food and Drug Act.

    What I wrote to you all time and again was that this was a red herring because the NHPs were going to be attacked under the regulations made to the Food and Drug Act and which came into force last January, and so Section 4 (3) was a meaningless paragraph.
    But of course you all knew better did you not? This was a victory for you wasn’t it?Just as you knew better about Canada’s sovereignty and rule of Law.
    There have been a series of swat team type raids on natural health foods purveyors already and the damn is about to break.
    This is what I received by email today from two different sources.

    I regret to be the bearer of bad news. I have received confirmation of the new Health Canada enforcement intent for 2011. On March 1, 2011 Health Canada begins full enforcement of nhp’s. Here are the details:

    · On March 1, 2011 retailers will not be permitted to purchase unlicensed stock from suppliers (EN or NPN is required), regardless of a submission being in queue.
    · On March 1, 2011 importers will not be allowed to import unlicensed products (EN or NPN required).
    · On September 1, 2011 retailers will not be allowed to sell to consumers any product that does not have an EN or NPN. In other words, retailers will be allowed to continue selling out unlicensed stock from now until September 1, 2011 — but after September 1, 2011 they will not be permitted to sell unlicensed stock.

    Do any of you have any idea how many applications there are for EN or NPNs that are being ignored by Health Canada for years because their pharmaceutical masters tell to do so? Do any of you know how many products are being delisted for the same reason? Maybe one of you should check it out as it is not hard to find the answer. (Clue: it is in the 500,000 + range). Not one single pharmaceutical drug has been refused or delisted, inspite of hundreds of thousands of deaths, in how many years?

    So for those if you who were so proud that you had managed to get this “concession” and therefore claimed that this Bill C-36 was very good for Canada and Canadians and so you did not need to listen to what we were saying to you, I say thank you for altering the very fabric of Canada, her citizens’ health and certainly her peoples’ freedoms to practice their own health care and privacy by your careless acceptance and passage of Bill C-36 with a catchy name.

    It is way too late for you to re-read what you so blithely passed with hardly even looking at the Bill and it’s gross attack on Canada’s sovereignty and Rules of Law. Even though the valiant fight goes by a few Canadians in the Senate which is no longer a chamber of sober second thought but an extension of one man’s personal ideology and determination to destroy Canada by handing our parliament, courts and people over to his corporate masters. No it is a forgone conclusion unless some of those Harper minions in the Senate realise what is happening and decide that Canada is more important than a really dangerous Bill with a catchy name.

    The Minister of Health has done a great job of selling you on the need for this Bill C-36 without ever referring to the real purpose behind the bill. All you MPs fell for it without regard for your constituents, whom you are supposed to represent, and without listening to their cries of alarm. Great work. I expect you all to to be rewarded in the next election.

    When the first regulations come rolling in from EU, USA, China, Israel, or wherever without you even being made aware of them; when our agriculture and food supplies are all controlled by Monsanto; when our budget is under the direction of the IMF and/or the Bank of International Settlements, remember this…YOU WERE WARNED.

    I will not take the drugs that Health Canada will try to force on me as they did last year with the untested, untried dangerous H1N1 vaccine for a fake pandemic, but rather I will seek out the black market for those natural foods which are good for my body. Since I am now getting old it will not be long before I start to rot due to the lack of availability of healthy nutrition for low income seniors, so thank you all very much.

    My greatest contempt is for the leaders of the parties who told you what to do and you did it blindly. When the deaths start to happen due to malnutrition and excessive pharmaceutical drug use; from the fear of and the actuality of raids by armed riot police for the simple “suspected” possession of a possibly dangerous product; from the removal of personal possessions simply because they can be removed indefinitely, remember Health Canada, Health Canada’s real masters, Bill C-36 and your part in it.

    My admiration to those who are still fighting for Canada in the Senate, and you know who you are. You are included in this simply so you know what I think of the rest, but I thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of Canada, my children and grandchildren. May the force be with you.

    For the rest of you I have nothing but pity and some measure of contempt.”

    Jeremy Arney


  6. King:
    – Refuses to talk to victims
    – Refuses to attend symposium to receive education from INDEPENDENT scientists
    – Claims a legitimate literature review has been done when its quality and scope would be considered unworthy of a passing mark in a university epidemiology course (a report suspiciously similar to the report COMMISSIONED by CanWEA)

    Can you say ‘McGuinty-CanWEA puppet’? She certainly shows no interest in protecting the health of rural Ontario residents.

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