Hydro One – One wind turbine

Outdated – but still funny.

8 thoughts on “Hydro One – One wind turbine

  1. Too bad that ONE Wind Turbine hasn’t created one volt of electricity for the past year and half!…………………..Just like McGuinty who hasn’t had an original thought in 7 years!

  2. Ontario yours place to discover, windmills abound in rural Ontario and nothing nice to discover for years or decades to come. But nice to see one Windmill in TO which doesn’t work with the largest population of a city in Ont.. Yes build all of them there and near McQuinty’s place,stuff them gown his throat with the 550 meter setbacks. Watch him be a NIMBY and see him try sell his home and his health go down the tubes. Then he may be to tired to run our province and be force to quit. Now that part I like.

  3. Thanks for mentioning the birds Rick, which is more to be said for than David Suzuki! Highlighting the fact that Ontario has no plan.

  4. Great, that probably only served to embarass the Laytons, Miller et al and Rick may just be the reason all hell broke loose on the windmill front!
    Thanks for screwing up rural Ontario Rick! Maybe we can have some airtime to update the viewing audience on the devastation 700 wind turbines have caused to birds, wildlife and humans…..oh silly me, it’s green….

  5. Hydro One determined one industrial wind turbine was one too many and didn’t build more. Why was that information not considered prior to buying into the industrial wind scam?

  6. Dial-up denies viewing of video.
    So if someone could provide a brief synopsis of the content it will be much appreciated.

  7. Guess the present government forgot to copy the rest of the European green energy plan or thought they could just make up the rest of the plan as they went along.

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