Rising hydro costs will hurt consumers

Stratford Gazette – I’ve read recently that Ontarians will face a 46 per cent increase in home electricity costs over the next five years and our MPP John Wilkinson has said “if we can hold on over the next few years …. there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

The problem is that that light grows ever more costly. Even with a rebate of 10 per cent, there are too many that will not be able to “hold on.” Surely you know that. And who pays for this rebate? We do, the taxpayers of Ontario. Who will be repaying it? We will. Interesting economics.

For many of us, our present hydro bills show a cost of 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour. But our government has signed hundreds of contracts with renewable energy producers under a green feed-in tariff (FIT) program, which essentially forces consumers to pay 13.5 cents to 19 cents per kilowatt hour of wind power, and 80 cents per kilowatt hour of solar power, the higher costs to be averaged into the bills of all consumers across the province.

Many of these contracts are for 20 years. Many people are hurt, and in future will be even more hurt by these costs.

Ron Wood, Stratford

7 thoughts on “Rising hydro costs will hurt consumers

  1. Why would anyone listen to John Wilkinson ? He has ZERO Credibility…He graduated from the Faculty of Music – University of Western Ontario….He’s only singing from Dalton’s hymn sheet….He’s the reason that I fired my financial planner…

  2. Just do like they are doing in the U.K Install ~ 3,000 wind turbines that don’t work and then begin to install ~10,000 more that won’t work either and hope this solves the energy problem.

    Come on Ontarians wake up and get your heads out of the sand!!!

  3. What I dont understand…if all ontario is not yet hooked up to the smart meter…then why are they starting the program yet?
    Like the people on the smart meter are paying higher hydro rates during peak hours …yet others that are not set up yet still have the benefit of using hydro during peak hours….dont seem fair to me.

  4. So called “green” energy is very expensive no matter where it’s been tried. Leads to the same things energy poverty and great damage to the economy.

    Pres.Obama could be be a one term president if he allows energy poverty to begin in the U.S. Remember what ~ 18-20% interest rates did to the Carter presidency.

    Gasoline in the U.S. could move into the $4-5/gallon range in the next few months. Not good news for any president. Then add on rising electric rates.

  5. The Bishop Hill Blog has good U.K. comparison wind turbine information Jan,2,11 under the topic “Greens distance themselves from wind power” See the COMMENTS section by Phillip Bratby. Will mention some if his comments.

    Official capacity of wind turbine factors is based on gross output rather than net output.What the turbines use in electricity from the grid is not reported which is the same policy as Ontario has.

    In the U.K. the electricity produced by wind turbines is generally embedded onto the local distribution grid at typically 3.3 or 11kv. Because most wind farms are remote from customers, the losses along low voltage lines (loss inversely proportional to the sq. of the voltage) can be huge at times of low demand and the actual useable power delivered to a user is not a lot.

    Mr Bratby also explains why turbines need,at times,to take electricity from the grid. He presents a good list of these needs.


  6. Your daily math lesson… Or, how Wind Turbine Logic came to be….

    How did the Liberals come up with their schemes? Who worked out the amount of CO2 that would be saved by wind turbines? Who worked out the “re-balancing” of power usage that would be achieved by the installation of Smart Meters…


    Who worked out the savings that consumers would achieve by paying more for their electricity?

    We we don’t know! But! We now know who taught math to all the Liberal graduates of our schooling system. I suspect that conservatives (note the small “c”) read the textbook for themselves and ignored the Liberal (and the liberal) school-masters.

    Watch the pea under the thimble…. careful, careful…

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