McGuinty’s hydro plan does not instill confidence

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In 2007, Dalton McGuinty ripped up a previously prepared plan on rebuilding hydro that would have cost $60 billion and after experimenting with energy policy over the last three years the Liberals now say their plan will cost $87 billion.

The people of Ontario know the real cost may be billions higher as nothing ever comes in on budget and McGuinty can’t be trusted after telling us he will not raise taxes.

An independent consultant predicts Ontarian’s will be paying 21 cents a kilowatt hour by 2015 then McGuinty announces hydro will increase 46 per cent by 2015, then he tries to bribe you with a 10 per cent discount starting Jan. 1 2011.

What McGuinty did not tell you is he is adding on 7- 21 per cent in his other hand starting Jan. 1 2011 on delivery line charges, depending on which city or town you live in. That amounts to 3.5 – 8 per cent more on your total bill. Then, a week later, energy minister Brad Duguid announces hydro will go up 3.5 per cent annually for the next 20 years so I ask you if McGuinty and Duguid can’t sing to the same tune how are they to be trusted?

Then the Ontario Energy Board releases a report, which will amount to more than a 3.5 per cent increase Duguid announced plus don’t forget the 3.5 – 8 per cent total increase you got on the delivery line charges Jan. 1 2011.

This OEB report suggests making peak power three or even four times more expensive than during off-peak hours and now Duguid says the final decision for setting those prices will be up to the OEB. Just remember folks the peak price is 9.9 cents a kwh and off peak is 5.1 cents a kwh. Duguid says he wants to create a bigger incentive for people to shift to off-peak use.

I think what he is saying here is you will be punished if you use hydro other than during low peak times. This just shows you the smart meter is all about higher costs to the consumer and not the cost saving measure McGuinty and Duguid promoted it as. Mcguinty and Duguid know you have to run your fridge, furnace, hot water tank, electric heaters, lights, do laundry and cook during peak hours and then they add on the HST for further punishment.

If McGuinty was serious about helping Ontarians with their hydro bills he would extend the low peak price for the summer, Christmas and March break holidays when families have their kids home all day.

But all McGuinty could tell Ontarian’s is if you want to save money on hydro do your laundry on weekends and higher rates are on the way.

The people of Ontario are not against green energy, the issue here is McGuinty’s made up on the fly plan and flip-flop versions of the same are the real concern. And the outrageous contracts and prices being paid out, up to 20 times higher than normal.

Then there is the issue of wind power as to their location and value as they have to be backed up by gas or nuclear power and the same goes with solar power. There are reports of well contamination in the areas of solar power installations as thousands if not tens of thousands of holes must be drilled in the ground for the framing to support the panels.

One must also ask why McGuinty is spending so much money rebuilding the infrastructure of hydro when he is telling Ontarian’s when not to use hydro by using outrageous peak rates and mid peak rates as a penalty for using this system.

Could we not have accomplished conservation under the old infrastructure of hydro by the Government offering a clear set target on reduction and if you met that goal you would get a discount on your hydro bill?

And if you failed to reach your goal you would get a rate increase based on the percentage you missed it by?

Ross Ayotte, Smiths Falls

4 thoughts on “McGuinty’s hydro plan does not instill confidence

  1. Ontario hasn’t seen anything yet!……wait until we are “legislated” on how much power we can use!

    Just happened in Germany so it will eventually weasel it’s way here to be sure as McGuinty LOVES Germany!

    See below:

    Germany Passes Energy Tyranny Act – Will Force Energy Rationing

  2. “The people of Ontario are not against green energy” Just wait until they find out how much “green” energy is going to cost them!!!

    The government keeps changing how much the Hydro bills are going to increase. Keep the people confused isn’t that part of their energy plan?

  3. The entire history of Time-of-Use prices is at
    They started in 2006 at 3.5 for off-peak, and 10.5 for on peak. For Duguid to mutter maybe the difference should be 3 times isn’t really different from him announcing he makes it all up and hasn’t actually understood a word anybody’s said for decades.
    If he really wanted it to cost a consumer 3 times more, he’d also need to deal with the fact 8-10 cents/kWh is the standard for all the other charges on our bills. Say it’s 8, set off peak at 2 cents/kWh, and on peak would need to be 22 cents/kWh (making the actual 10 and 30).
    Maybe they should revisit the dishonest heaping on of charge categories on the bill – but they can’t now, because few Ontarians caught onto the fact residential rates got doubled while wholesale customers moved only a tiny bit over the past 7 years.

    Paying the real cost of energy is important.
    For little people.

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