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Welland Tribune
Re: The Tribune’s Dec. 30 front page story headlined, Turbulence over turbines

Considering that IPC Energy is receiving tax subsidized incentives from the Ontario government, to the tune of 400% over the current market value for what it claims its turbines will produce, I think it should be incumbent on any spokesperson talking for the company to at least be factual.

I think the Wainfleet public have a right to know exactly what is meant by the comment with regard to moving the proposed turbine sites, quote: “Due to setbacks and the availability of property, that’s not possible.”

“Minimum safe setbacks for offshore turbines have recently been increased, by both Denmark and the U.K., to 10 km and 12 km respectively. Ontario, of course, still claims 5 km is safe for offshore turbines.

Extending power lines to those distances offshore cannot possibly be as simple or economical as extending safe setbacks onshore, so safe, onshore setbacks are no practical or engineering problem.

Availability of property is not IPC Energy’s concern, it should only be the concern of Wainfleet, its residents and its property owners. If IPC Energy cannot find appropriate land to purchase in order to protect Wainfleet residents and their businesses it certainly does not have the right just to ignore them.

IPC claims even considering moving the sites concerned is “not possible.”

To add insult to injury, IPC Energy’s spokesperson then goes on: “We’d also take a loss.”

I thought wind energy was all about the environment, free wind energy and being green?

IPC Energy and other wind energy companies are already being subsidized to an excessive extent by the already overburdened Ontario taxpayer yet are still complaining they can’t make enough profit?

Perhaps they are in the wrong business?

And it is strange that in spite of the fact IPC Energy has not yet confirmed a promised second public meeting in Wainfleet, and before announcing the final plans and sites for the proposed turbines, it is already stating that regarding these as yet unconfirmed sites, moving these yet unconfirmed sites is not possible? Perhaps I’m missing something?

Andrew Watts Wainfleet

2 thoughts on “Response to IPC Energy

  1. Read the Cloak of Green, how to take money from rich COUNTRIES and give it to poor. no money is staying in Canada it is all going out of the Country. A must read to understand what is happening in Ontario.

  2. No Andrew, you’re not missing a thing.

    These wind companies have to “consult” the public. They don’t actually have to answer any questions or
    act in the public’s interest. So long as a consultation was “attempted” that is all that matters.

    “Alternative energy” companies govern Ontario now, not Queens Park!

    The Liberals abdicated governance to The Green Energy Act Alliance with the passage of The Green Energy Act. You and every other taxpayer and electricity ratepayer in Ontario are nothing more then
    the income source for these thieving, mendacious, disingenuous bastards!

    The environment, economy, your home, freedom, health and wellbeing matter not one IOTA!

    It is “green” therefore it is good!

    We the great unwashed and unknowing are not allowed to question this!

    No Andrew, you did not miss a thing!

    Remember this when you are standing pencil in hand, in the polling station next election.


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