Engineering poverty

By Klaus Rohrich, Canadian Free Press

Last year McGuinty’s henchmen ordered Ontario hospitals to close beds, departments and lay off nurses in an effort to cut back on the cost of healthcare.  Yet at the same time the McGuinty government entered into a contract with South Korea-based Samsung, guaranteeing that company $10 billion in revenue to build wind turbines that are an ungodly eyesores, pose environmental dangers and kill more birds per year than the worst trailing pond in Alberta does in a month.  Worst of all, these monstrosities are not guaranteed to work and the difference in price between a kilowatt hour (Kw/h) of coal-generated electricity and a Kw/h of wind-generated electricity is obscene.  Read entire article here

8 thoughts on “Engineering poverty

  1. From the article:

    “Neither Barack Obama, nor Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, nor former British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell strike me as particularly stupid. In fact Obama is touted as the smartest man in America. So the question remains: Why would our political leaders deliberately impose energy policies that will unquestionably make us all a lot poorer?”

    Because they’re CRIMINAL comes to immediately to mind!


  2. Oil hit ~ $90/barrel USD yesterday and rising oil prices may prove to be Pres.Obama’s Achilles heel. It’s doubtful that he can be relected if gasoline goes to $ 4-5/gallon USD by election time.

    If gas goes this high in the U.S. it will slow the economy down again. Vehicle sales will drop causing more auto job layoffs in North America just as it did in 2008.

  3. Such a pity,when you really realize that the Premier does what higher order of corporate controllers want and he does what he can to oblige and to hell with our problems with health issues,property values,habitat destruction,being rob of our hard earn money to pay for this green pet project,our rights to a proper municipal vote on allowing this in our community. Honestly they do not care, only to get votes in as a leader and soak us and hang us. Time is running out for these deceitful unapologetic leaders with a deaf ear for the victims, we need a new system that works for the common good of all people, what we have is a corporate dictatorship that runs our country -all for profits for them only and we work as their slaves. Wake up. Problem ,reaction,solution is how they work. We need them to stop the problems before it is started this approach is a brainwashed concept by leaders onto their slaves.Buy it if you want ,I am not.

  4. When the time does come to take the Provincial government to task, perhaps you would be wise to have ROB STATES M.S. P.E. come to your function. Tap his name onto your Browser and have come and give a dynamic debate. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with him.

    George Hebert 707-360-8503

  5. Indeed this is bad news! Wonder how many pension funds are invested in “green” energy.

    These so called investments have been sold to lots of suckers.

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