CNSC responds to Gideon Forman’s silly rhetoric

Gideon Forman has no medical background. He has a degree in Philosophy.

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

I’m compelled to respond to Gideon Forman’s groundless statements on the health impacts of nuclear energy in his January 6 editorial “Wind power is healthy.”

Studies have shown over and over that people living near nuclear power plants are as healthy as the rest of the population.

When Forman mentions the 2008 German study, he fails to tell you that both its authors and the German Radiological Protection Commission specifically ruled out radiation as a reason for the presence of some clusters of childhood leukemia near the nuclear plants.

Recent British and French epidemiological studies that used the same methodology as the German study did not find any increase in risk of childhood cancer in people living near their respective nuclear facilities.

All industrial activities have some form of releases to the environment; nuclear has a regulator that ensures operations are safe. I would like to reinforce that the very small controlled releases of nuclear facilities do not pose any risk to people and the environment.

Finally, nuclear waste is not a burden for future generations. In fact, it is safely stored and managed. Furthermore, Canada’s nuclear regulator requires nuclear facility operators to maintain adequate financial guarantees to cover the costs associated with the long-term management of the waste they produced. Guarantees are an important condition of the companies’ licences and the CNSC would never grant a licence without having that in place.

I invite your readers to visit our Web site at to get the facts about Canada’s nuclear sector.

Michael Binder
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

6 thoughts on “CNSC responds to Gideon Forman’s silly rhetoric

  1. So this is the same Gideon Forman speaking for the organization Doctors for the Environment. Recently pamphlet from this organization was placed in my mailbox–what a pamhlet it was.
    I have never seen anything so full of misconceptions, mistruths and down right ignorant ill-informed opinion ever. Among everything else nuclear power was negated.
    This prompted me to send an e-mail challenging them to clarify certain points, actually everything they claimed, to me.
    Well I’m still waiting for their response even though Mr. Forman certainly knows how to put pen to paper when motivated.
    Thanks for showing what he looks like.
    Too bad some will believe his nonsense

  2. Industrial wind is such an expensive, unreliable and insignificant source of power only by shear ignorance or ego should someone attempt to compare it favourably against a heavy weight power producer like nuclear or on-demand coal. With this article Forman has provided evidence he has little knowledge or credibility on the subject.

  3. ?
    I would hope that all green energy production is using green energy and it’s higher tariffs…I would hope there is a thing?!

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