Ontario taxpayers deserve better

Owen Sound Sun Times The following is a response to James Glennie: Majority of the population support wind energy.

Only individuals who haven’t taken the time to delve into this very serious situation Ontario finds itself in would agree with comments made by James Glennie regarding industrial wind turbines.

First and foremost, the health of citizens living too close to wind turbines is at risk. There are more than 100 documented cases, in Ontario alone, of individuals including young children, who are suffering from the low frequency noise emmitted by the turbines. The Liberal government is dismissing them like they were last night’s garbage. These people have been forced from homes that they can’t sell. Some have been bought out by the wind proponents and have been made to sign gag clauses stating they won’t speak negatively about wind turbines.

If McGuinty and Dr. King would take the time to interview these victims instead of relying on outdated studies from wind proponents, they may see things differently. What you can’t hear, can hurt you. No one would suffer from salmonella poisoning if we could taste it. We can’t see ultraviolet rays or smell carbon monoxide. Does that mean they aren’t harmful?

Also, of major concern, is the fact that our democratic rights have been taken from us. Municipalities have been stripped of their rights where wind turbines are concerned.

If wind energy is part of the mix we need, place them away from homes, schools and places of business. The World Health Organization suggests minimum setbacks of two kilometres. Other countries suggest even greater setbacks. Ontario is a huge province — 550 metres is not acceptible. There is plenty of room well away from established communities where these turbines could be placed.

The area around Shelburne where wind turbines have been erected has turned to waste land.

In closing, Industrial Wind Turbines are NOT reliable. We require fossil fuel as a backup.

It’s time for our government to pause and consider new data that appears daily.

Tax payers in Ontario deserve as much.

Mary Cowling Pontypool

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  1. “If wind energy is part of the mix we need….” Industrial wind power in the mix increases grid management inefficiencies so not something “needed” unless a more inefficient grid is the goal.

  2. “Analysis-Bloated German solar sector costly for power market” Jan.7,11

    Germany -Solar/ (Analysis)
    Subsidy causes solar installation boom in 2010/11
    Solar capacity could grow by 7GW this year
    Extreme power price swings possible

    Follow story link at http://www.windaction.org
    Reuters News at http://www.forexyard.com

    Same problem. What to do with excess power.

    Ontario does deserve better than this!

  3. I was left speechless by this comment from the head of Vestas:

    “”Ditlev Engel, president and chief executive of the Danish wind-energy company Vestas, said anecdotal evidence about birds being caught in turbine blades and other environmental horror stories do not usually hold up under scrutiny.

    “Do people think it’s better all those birds are breathing CO2? I’m not a scientist, but I doubt it,” said Engel, whose company is expanding its U.S. manufacturing and distribution operations. “Let’s get the facts on the table and not the feelings. The fact is, these are not issues.”


    I guess the wind industry is really doing us all a favour by culling those nasty CO2-emitting birds and bats.

  4. I guess by implication the IWT’s are breathing CO2 and we should be grateful….

    Of course if you really do believe that it’s important to reduce CO2 then maybe you should read this paper


    Michael Steketee, writing in The Australian in January 2011, echoed the BBC (whose journalists’ pension fund is heavily weighted towards “green” “investments”) and other climate-extremist vested interests in claiming that 2010 was the warmest year on record worldwide. Mr. Steketee’s short article makes two dozen questionable assertions, which either require heavy qualification or are downright false. His assertions will be printed in bold face: the truth will appear in Roman face.

    then rethink your stance…

  5. Thanks to all those who still have the state of mind and energy to keep up the struggle with the proponents of wind energy.

    If you read the work of Prof of Physics, John Droz, you will gain more strength because his research tells us that IWT’s don’t belong ANYWHERE in the electrical energy mix – they are too costly, too inefficient, need too much accomodation of geographic space and too much accomodation when their erratic surges have to be integrated into the grid.

    All this on top of the adverse effects on ALL living creatures including people.

    Please don’t stop until the damage has been corrected.

  6. Lynne:

    Oh gosh no! 😉 tic

    And my whole post wasn’t?

    tic = tongue in cheek.

    ..and I hope you did have a look at that paper. It is hilarious!

  7. Ah yes…. Canute like attempts.

    Wait till McGuinty orders a fleet of these…



    “It looks like a high-tech Slinky straight out of a sci-film. But Russian architect Alexander Remizov believes the prototype design he calls The Ark is the answer to dealing with climate change and natural disasters.

    The structure, or biosphere, is designed to withstand floods, earthquakes and tornadoes.

    It is made out of wood, steel, high-tech plastic, and solar panels, and could be used as housing or a hotel, said Remizov, who heads the Moscow-based architectural firm Remistudio.

    The 51-year-old describes his design as a fusion of architecture and science, and says the structure would not pollute the environment.

    The Ark could be built on land or water, and be scaled to house between 50 and 10,000 people.”


    It’s just stupid enough an idea to float a 1000 of these on Lake Ontario…

    Government officials and supporters would have first dibs on the “berths”…. of course!

  8. David and all………….this story on the “Ark” is absolutely ludicrous! ………….except it could be built to house all the crooks from Queen’s Park, the UN, Banksters world-wide and NGO’s and Wind Company execs and have enough room for the sundry “eco-terrorists” calling themselves “saviours of the planet”.

    After it is filled up with these anti-humans we could then schedule ferries and water craft to deliver them onshore maybe once a month just for a quick visit to the “real world” so they can see how well WE the People can run our own affairs without their predatory involvement……………….oh yeah, and hope for a massive tidal wave to hit it once in awhile!

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