Wind issue brought residents together

Lindsay Post  After a year and a half of listening to the ongoing wind turbine debate, one can’t help but wonder why, if wind energy is such a good idea for Ontario, our provincial government and the Canadian Wind Energy Association are having such a difficult time convincing those of us living rurally that this is so.

It is certainly apparent to me, after extensive investigation, that wind energy is extravagantly expensive, completely unreliable, and certainly extremely intrusive if not outright harmful to at least the unfortunate segment of the population fated to live in the shadow of the five hundred foot industrial machines. Lindsay Post

4 thoughts on “Wind issue brought residents together

  1. Well written voicing the citizens of Ontario’s concerns.
    Very easy to see how badly this Liberal government has mismanaged siting Industrial Wind Turbines when so many people have become actively opposing them. We have no faith that this government takes the health or safety of it citizens as first priority when planning industrial zoning.

  2. Nice to see some communities are smart enough to see through the BS on Wind factories. But do not even think of Lambton Shores people here are the opposite from my prospective. Most are still brainwashed or have farm land they want in on the cash and to hell with the neighbours.

  3. Perhaps it would help if copies of the problems wind turbines are causing in the U.K. as published in U.K. press were shown to people at the up-coming meetings this winter. Proof of the problems Ontarians will face in the future if wind turbines continue to be installed here.

    Wind turbines are wind turbines and cause the same problems regardless of where they are installed.

  4. Sammy – In fact there is a group of us in Lambton Shores, specifically on Ridge and Jericho Roads, who are active in gathering support to fight the proposed Jericho Wind Farm, which is to consist of 153 turbines. Drive this area to see all of our signs! It is our experience that there are as many farmers opposed to this proposal as there are in favour.

    Mike Mahood – Thedford

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