Thoughts on Carol Mitchell’s reflection on 2010

In the Goderich newspaper, Carol Mitchell looks back on 2010 and says, “the province will continue to address concerns about the health effects of turbines.”
Several families in Carol Mitchell’s riding have told her of their debilitating symptoms since the start up of wind turbines near their homes.  Mitchell has not helped anyone on this issue nor has there been any meaningful effort by this liberal government to help people who are sick and displaced from their homes.
On April 28th, 2010, MPP John Yakabuski asked for a moratorium on wind turbine projects until an independent, comprehensive study of the health and environmental impacts of wind farms was completed. 

As the McGuinty liberal side of the house continually denied and dismissed health concerns, one of MPP Carol Mitchell’s own constituents stood up in the gallery that day to declare that she was evidence of adverse health effects from wind turbines and asked where her government was when she needed help; where Carol Mitchell was when she needed help!
Carol Mitchell was present at Queen’s Park on April 28th, but chose to retreat to a back room while the motion was being debated. She returned only after the public gallery had been cleared and then voted against the bill.  “I hear them and I am listening,” says Mitchell in the Goderich article although Ms. Mitchell lacked the integrity to look into the face of her own constituent and to listen to her as she poured her heart onto the floor of Queen’s Park. 
Carol Mitchell will hear this constituent and many others very clearly at election time.
Lorrie Gillis
Grey Highlands.

25 thoughts on “Thoughts on Carol Mitchell’s reflection on 2010

  1. Carol Mitchell is another one of Dalton’s puppets and an embarrassment to the riding of Huron-Bruce. You can be sure we will be working hard to remove her come October. We also are receiving no leadership from James Ginn, Reeve for Central Huron. He is doing his best right now to facilitate a by-law which would allow the IWTs to be transported over Municipal roads. But why not, as he has signed leases for two IWTs on his own farms. This reeks of conflict, especially when all of our neighbouring communities are showing due diligence with regards to their communities health, safety and well being. Maybe McGuinty was right in taking power away from these “Boss Hogg” minded Councils.

  2. Carol Mitchell’s handling of the wind turbine issue and how it relates to her constituents has been totally irresponsible. From where I sit, I think she thought she could just ignore the situation and it would blow over. The perceived importance of her position in the government has certainly outweighed any sense of caring for those who gave her that opportunity! The election can’t come soon enough…as I’m so afraid the hundreds of turbines (Goshen project) will become a reality before we have someone new to take up our fight!

  3. I want to point out that I forgot to change the word “FARM” to “installation”in my submission and I apologize for that! These industrial wind installations with turbines, access roads, giant concrete hydro poles and wires and substations are not even remotely related to anything known as a FARM. They are not wind farms, they are not wind parks, they are not windmills; they are destroying what we know as our rural farming heritage by undoing united communities before they are installed and driving neighbours away from their homes after they are installed.

  4. James Ginn engaged in a bit of self-dealing as he has a direct financial interest in wind turbines?

    When do actions change from conflict of interest to become self-dealing?

  5. This is what happens when normally decent people have the promise of riches bestowed upon them. They become willing to sell their souls for money. That includes MPP pensions.

    I do believe though that many “participants” signed leases based solely on the prospect of revenue, without being made aware of all of the consequences. I also believe that as new information evolves, many are not as comfortable with their decision.

  6. “Carol Mitchell is another one of Dalton’s puppets and an embarrassment to the riding of Huron-Bruce.”

    I assert that this collection of clowns is an embarrassment to all of humanity!!!

    BTW, James Ginn is ABSOLUTELY in conflict of interest! How did this obviously
    corrupt individual get elected?

    What about the rest of council? They can move that he recuse himself from any and all votes on the matter?

    How about an expose or two in all the local papers, one after the other for a long time?


  7. MPP Mitchell has been dismissive and disinterested in the concerns of the wind action community since 2006. A group of neighbours met with her about the proposed Enbridge Project 4 years ago at her Kincardine office, sharing concerns about lack of transparency on behalf of the proponent and human and wildlife impact. She was left folders of information and never replied, except to say she believed wind power was important for the province’s future. Since then, health affected residents have approached her, and other concerned groups, and nothing of substance has been done. It seems to be her strategy to ignore and silence the problems her government’s initiatives have created. Numbers of her constituents are hurting (Ripley and Underwood) and she has never asked to meet with them or hear their concerns.

  8. I believe Carol Mitchells seat will be lost in the same way liberal Mike Brown’s seat in Algoma Manitoulin will be replaced by the opposition. With the Conservatives and NDP running two new candidates it should be interesting who will succeed. The liberal GEA with all the reasons for high electricity and poor energy policy that is pushed onto the people through media propoganda will be their demise. Thats the way I see it.

  9. Not only are her constituents upset with her support of the industrialization of our farm lands. I delivered a couple of signs to a long time Liberal supporter just before Christmas. The wind turbine scouts won’t stop bothering him trying to get him to sign up for IWTs on his land. I’m sure he’s rethinking his allegience.

    Carol Mitchell won’t be the only MPP going down. There won’t be a single Liberal MPP left in any rural riding after the fall election.

  10. All I can say is that I thank God that I do not live in Carol Mitchell’s riding, or any riding with an elected Liberal. We in Owen Sound-Grey-Bruce are so fortunate to have both an MPP and an MP who have spoken out against these monstrous industrial wind turbine installations. Carol has been carrying out her “orders” from her boss McGuinty and his unelected henchmen. Her boss has ensured that she will never be re-elected. Will we ever go back to the good old days when a local Member could vote as their concience dictates, rather than how the “boss” dictates? We like to think we live in a democratic society. We don’t!

  11. Listening and acting are two different things. She will never again have my vote.

  12. ‘Carol Mitchell looks back on 2010 and says, “the province will continue to address concerns about the health effects of turbines.”’


    Since when has “the province” addressed concerns about the health effects of wind turbines–let alone “continue to address concerns about the health effects of wind turbines.”

    ‘“I hear them and I am listening,” says Mitchell’


    Strange, but we have not seen any evidence of “listening” from Ms. Mitchell.

    One of her “greatest” accomplishments seems to be her ability to hold a replica wind turbine in her hand and smile–and we have evidence of this accomplishment.

    Ms. Mitchell and a number of her peers need to realize that we the people are capable of hearing, listening, comprehending and taking the best action based on the evidence we have gathered.

    A lot of us have decided that we are not happy with the “actions” of a number of our representatives at the Pink Palace, and we are working diligently on ensuring that a large number of sitting MPPs such as Jeal Leal, Lou Rinaldi and Rick Johnson will join Ms. Mitchell in NOT being re-elected on October 6, 2011.

    The changes sweeping across Ontario this October will make the municipal “incumbent-boot” plague of the fall of 2010 pale by comparison.

    Good riddance Ms. Mitchell! You, Jeff, Lou, Rick and numerous other provincial Fiberal MPPs will not be missed!

    The “winds of change” are truly coming!

  13. IF the PC’s want an absolute MAJORITY, all they have to do is the dump the Green Energy Act!

    Simple…………now anyone writing energy policy for the PC’s and I understand there is a person of interest on this site, may want to insert this simple phrase into Hudak’s election campaign: “KILL THE GEA!”…………..votes aplenty Tim!

  14. Carol Mitchell won’t be getting our vote – that’s for sure. We’ve written her with our concerns on the wind turbine plans south of Kincardine and basically got the party message back saying ‘just like it – it’s good for you!!”. Even our Conservative MP (who I wrote too) sent her a letter on our behalf saying her constituents need some help and support in fighting the wind turbine issues. Her response to this community stinks – no support whatsoever.

  15. TO all the people WHO did not vote (I have been guilty of that myself a time or two) Carol Mitchell and her party, have to be put on the unemployment line were the only green they will handle is something they role and smoke . Another election is coming up IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE. We need someone who cares for the people and our health . !!!!!!!!!

  16. As one who is adversely effected both health and economically by the GEA and specifically by the wanton distribution of wind turbines in close proximity to homes I have no support for the Liberals or my local representative Carol Mitchel. The sooner they are gone the better our province and local area will be.

  17. What happened to democracy? What happened to ‘the will of the people’? What is happening to Canada now that we have Reform/Alliance ideologues parading as Conservatives? And how about the Liberals? What is their Party’s philosophy? As John Mill wrote many years ago: “The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs or impede their efforts to obtain it. Each is the proper guardian of his own health, whether bodily or mental and spiritual.”
    The windmills imposed on some citizens without proper precautions as to distance from habitations etc. are neither democratic nor liberal in the true sense of the word. May I suggest to Ms. Carol Mitchell a refresher course in liberalism?
    In the meantime I’ll exercise what’s left of my eroded freedom at the next Provincial election.
    A disgruntled voter.

  18. I initially believed in Carol Mitchell after our concerns fell on the deaf ears of our earlier Conservative member Helen Johns .I thought no one could ignore their constituents this way. I was wrong. I cannot believe democracy and concern for our fellow citizens has been so eroded. These people ahave lost touch with our reality and obviously have embraced the Corporate reality of ” money above all “. . I cannot and will not support Carol Mitchell or her Liberals in the next election.

  19. Carol Mitchell MPP

    April 8, 2009

    Smitherman said the ministry of energy and infrastructure is working with the ministry of the environment to look into the complaints from residents. He said Mitchell has been excellent in reporting her constituents complaints to the ministry and both groups are working to find the best solution to the problems.

    • “We had a 30 minute meeting with Mitchell on Feb. 13. She stated that she knew all about us and the project. When asked if she would like to live in Glen’s home to experience the harm, she fired back and asked if we would rather live near a pig barn or grain mill,” said John MacLeod.
    (John MacLeod, Ripley Ont.)
    Note: None of the complaints have been resolved in over 3 years.

    She is a shameful piece of work. This is outrageous behavior. And what does Dear old Dalton do? Gives his “star” student an appointment, to Minister of Agriculture…. so she can lay his plans for more destruction of our farmlands and farmers. I’m just sorry it will be fall before she gets her sorry*** kicked out. I hope she enjoys her idle time post election. Maybe she’ll take a job as Daltons housekeeper.

  20. With an luck she will go back to retailing children’s clothes. I don’t think you need as much science education for that work.

    I am amazed at how little the MPPs understand technology, and how little education most of them have.

    There are MPPs that do understand modern technology and have university and college training in various scientific disciplines. All of them are being kept away form the controversy. None have cabinet posts and none have committee duties in the science based portfolios.

  21. It’s the old saying “It’s who you know not what you know”

  22. I can say for sure that no one out of the seven voters in my family will vote for anyone who knowingly ruins farm land for years to come. Mitchell knows that they cause people living nearby to become sick. She knows that no one wants to live or vacation anywhere near them, so vacation properties in Huron-Kinloss are going to take a nose dive. So much for having something to leave your kids. She doesn’t care.
    The worst thing about this is, after selling out her riding so a few wealthy people can make more money, Mitchell has been in office long enough to get a big fat pension for her efforts.

  23. It is very sad and unfortunate that Carol stopped being the representative of the people of her riding and became just another of McGuinty’s ass kisser. Why, Carol, honestly, why?! You have become a laughing and despicable ‘political object’, specially when the issue of wind turbines pups up anywhere in your riding, and that’s the way you’ll be remembered.

    Good-bye Carol. It’s time for you to start looking for another job. Since you have defended the wind turbine companies so willingly, how about getting a job that puts you next to one of the wind turbines only 12 hours a day, every day! I said ‘only’ because I may end up having to live 24 hrs a day for the next 20 years or more, at 550 m away from one of them!

    Thank you Carol for ‘representing me’!!!

    By the way, given the stand that you have taken , surely the wind turbine companies have paid you much more than the undeserving salary (plus juicy benefits) that you’re getting from my taxes as my MPP!

  24. R.G don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one who wonders if the politicians are getting kick backs. I think every place there’s controversy about IWT people are wondering

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