Lawyer says wind farm appeal could set precedent, prehearing set for Tuesday

The MOE is allowing construction to continue despite appeal

By the Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press

CHATHAM, Ont. – A lawyer says the outcome of an appeal of a wind farm planned for the Thamesville, Ont., area could be precedent-setting.

Construction of the eight-turbine Kent Breeze Wind Farm is underway, despite the appeal filed with the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal.

A prehearing is scheduled at the Chatham Civic Centre on Tuesday to lay out the framework for the matter.

Lawyer Eric Gillespie, who represents Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group and local resident Katie Erickson, says the applicants are concerned about the impacts of the wind farm on human health.

He says experts from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom are expected to provide evidence on both sides of the question.

Gillespie adds it’s the first appeal under the Green Energy Act.

“Given that it is the first and given the scope of the hearing, I think most observers are predicting that it will be, relatively speaking, precedent-setting for future appeals in this area,” Gillespie said.

The tribunal will last at least seven days beginning Feb. 1. (CFCO)

6 thoughts on “Lawyer says wind farm appeal could set precedent, prehearing set for Tuesday

  1. How can construction still be underway? It can take up to six months for a decision to be reached.

    Are these developers above the law or are they so certain that the appeal will be denied…

    And why?

  2. It’s called “pushing the envelope” or do as you please until the courts make you stop.

    The attitude of some people now-a-days is you make me stop!!!

  3. This Liberal government is allowing the rights of its Citizens to be sold out from under them. They don’t care about human health nor have respect for their own laws.

  4. If it is anarchy that the Liberals aspire to; who are we to deny them this?

    Lets give them anarchy!


  5. The most nervous people in that court room will be the Gang Green that will eventually lose their Green Shirts if this is won by the good people of Ontario!

    They won’t be hard to spot, sweaty underarms, gripping and tearing inside their pockets trying to count what money they have left and huge briefcases all filled with “psycho-babble” pieces of paper supplied by their “protectors from CANWEA”.

    We are witnessing the actual “death throes” of a very scummy and greedy layer of society who shouldn’t be allowed to walk amongst US!

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