Arran-Elderslie Council wants united front on wind study

Mark Davis

By Mary Golem, Owen Sound Sun Times

Arran-Elderslie council wants all municipalities in Grey and Bruce counties, along with both county councils, “to show a strong, unified belief ” in supporting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hazel Lynn in her efforts to have a study completed on the health effects associated with industrial wind turbines.

“Dr. Lynn deserves a lot of credit for stepping out on a limb and taking a stand . . . she wants a medical study done and we should be supporting her in her efforts,” said Deputy-mayor Mark Davis.

Davis, an outspoken opponent of industrial wind turbines, last year introduced a motion, which was circulated across the province, calling for “the protection of life, liberty and security of person” under Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, claiming wind turbines cause serious health effects. The charter challenge and much-talked-about motion received support from about 50 municipalities, who consider it a way to discourage and delay wind energy developers from pushing forward with their plans.

At an Arran-Elderslie council meeting Monday in Chesley, Davis said “it is a time for all municipalities to take a stand and support Dr. Lynn. One in eight people are affected in some way by these things . . . it is imperative then that all levels of government function with due diligence, precautionary principle and common sense when dealing with all issues.”

Lynn has stated that after looking into the situation she believes the current setback of industrial wind turbines from people’s homes “certainly appears to have a very negative effect on some of the people’s health and that a third party independent study must be done.”

Davis’s motion, which received unanimous support from council, also stated that Arran-Elderslie impose a freeze on issuing any kind of permits related to wind turbines until Lynn is satisfied sufficient studies have been done.

3 thoughts on “Arran-Elderslie Council wants united front on wind study

  1. Thank you Mr. Davis. More good news, me thinks, coupled with Tim
    Hudacs`attack on the Libs. plan for green energy, & the G.E.A. One
    may even be able to sleep tonight ! Unless of course,your one of the unfortunate folk who are already living near a dirty wind turbine

  2. Please keep in mind it has been the efforts and only the efforts of the Anti Wind Industry Lobby that has escalated this issue to where it is, in having appropriate studies completed on the health effects associated with industrial wind turbines .

    If Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hazel Lynn is serious about her endeavor to venture over from the Dark Side, then she should be advocating with every breath that she breathes for the commencement of Independent Studies on the health effects associated with industrial wind turbines.

    I am sure Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hazel Lynn has known for quite some time what the health effects associated with industrial wind turbines are, when you work for the government your job is on the line every forty-eight months, so you have tow the party line.

    The obvious is more than clear and Dr. H. Lynn is more than aware, this time next year the Liberal’s will not be in power and she still has her career to think about, so I actually see this as being a political posturing maneuver, rather than what’s actually taken place regarding her efforts.

    Yeah, the way that I see it, just be before the election this fall the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care will come out with new guidance document, titled “Guideline to Assist in the Review of Wind Power Proposals: Potential Impacts to Humans and Human Habitat” Developmental Working Draft.

  3. By the time ANY independent study gets an OK from Lynn or any other “official” this Province will have so many Wind Monsters installed that the only study which will be required is “how the hell do I drive around these creatures to get out of here?”


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