Wind turbine health warning

by STEVE ROBERTSON, Portland Observer

Dr Sarah Laurie, the medical director of the Waubra Foundation, a group concerned about wind farm development near Ballarat, said she met last week with Glenelg Shire’s CEO, local doctors and citizens to discuss what she considers to be the damaging health effects of sound coming from the turbines and travelling up to 10 kilometres away.

“There is a link between early morning high blood pressure, heart attacks and the turbines at wind farms,” she said. “I have recommended to people near the Waubra project that, if they live within five kilometres of the wind farm and are concerned about their blood pressure, they should check it with a 24-hour monitor.”

She urged any concerned person living within five kilometres of a wind farm to purchase their own blood-pressure monitoring equipment, and to see a doctor if their blood pressure was over 140/80 when they first awoke in the morning.

Dr Laurie said people living close to turbines in both America and Canada were self-administering 24-hour blood pressure tests. Preliminary results showed “dangerously” high blood pressure levels while some people slept and while turbines were operating, she added.

“These are patients who did not necessarily have previously diagnosed hypertension,” Dr Laurie noted.

Dr Laurie, who said her medical practice was “on hold” due to family responsibilities and her foundation commitments, said she was not being paid to travel around Australia and Canada researching this issue and talking with community leaders. Although her own Beetaloo Valley home in South Australia is not near a wind farm, she said she’d personally experienced symptoms like headaches and sleeplessness while staying in houses close to turbines.

“The condition has been identified in Europe, the UK, the USA and Canada. This is not just a Waubra issue, it’s happening right around the world,” she said.

2 thoughts on “Wind turbine health warning

  1. So living next to Turbines you suffer from,Degrading property values,cannot sell your home,sell off your pets and animals because of health fears,cannot sleep properly,feeling burnt out,paying higher hydro prices,taxes,ect., now we need to buy monitoring devices for our health. This is a slow kill and who then gets my property when they bury me? a corporate company to ad to there monopoly? this is getting all to much to get a grip on,sucks to be us.

  2. Jeezuz H!

    Industrial wind turbines are well on their way at becoming the leading cause of heart failure in rural communities in the industrialized world!

    Apparently people must die before green corrupted governments acknowledge the obvious!


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