Carol Mitchell, Can You Hear Us Now?

Carol Mitchell's office

In my mail today I found a flyer from Carol Mitchell, MPP for Huron-Bruce, proudly detailing the bountiful gifts which the Liberal government has bestowed upon our riding.  A major part of the brochure is dedicated to “the clean energy revolution – for cleaner air and the health of our kids, and to bring prosperity, jobs and economic growth to our province.” (Carol Mitchell, MPP Huron-Bruce Winter Newsletter 2010)
Nowhere in this flyer did I find reassurance that the McGuinty government would assist those citizens who have had to leave their homes due to the noise from wind turbines, or a commitment to do a proper health study to determine why people living in close proximity to wind projects are suffering health problems.  I also did not find any reference to property devaluation of homes situated near wind turbines.  Somehow overlooked was how the Green Energy Act has taken away the right of local governments to have meaningful imput into energy projects within their own municipalities and how these wind projects have divided communities, pitting neighbour against neighbour. 
In fact, reading through Ms. Mitchell’s flyer, one would think we are all living in a green energy utopia up here in Huron-Bruce.  These pictures illustrate the cognitive dissonance being experienced by the many citizens and municipal governments currently expressing their grave concerns over the viability of Liberal energy policy.  Residents have taken to decorating their lawns with messages for Carol Mitchell and the Liberal Party, as you can see in the picture of Ms. Mitchell’s office in Kincardine.  Driving down Highway 21, enthusiastic residents have also erected billboards, and the lakeshore south of Kincardine is awash with anti-wind turbine signs.  The reality is literally staring Ms. Mitchell in the face at her own office, and yet she just cannot hear our message.
Let us make sure that Ms. Mitchell and her Liberal colleagues hear us clearly in October, 2011.
Lynne Di Cocco

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  1. Carol has repeatedly ignored the adverse effects of these projects on the citizens of her municipality and throughout the province, despite repeated opportunities to acknowledge and rectify them. I have stood face to face with Carol to try to have a discussion on this issue, and as soon as I pulled out some scientific evidence for her she immediately disappeared. She has heard time and time again the horrors of her constituents experiencing health effects and vacating their homes, but has no empathy or concern for them. Her short-sighted view of the ‘economic’ development of wind energy projects fails to consider the job losses and overall economic impacts eventually experienced in jurisdictions who previously fell for that tactic.
    Carol may be proud of serving Dalton, the provincial liberals and the wind industry, but she has failed her constituents and those footing the bill of her 6-figure income.

  2. She doesn’t even listen to her own party members in Huron-Bruce. We have a number of recent ex-Liberals in our group. Her (former?) CFO and Riding President has picked up a couple of Stop the Wind Turbine signs. It’ll be interesting to see who she’s working for after the next election.

  3. Has anyone heard yet what Carol’s plans are for after October 6th?

    The writing on the wall is crystal clear in that she will not be the Huron-Bruce MPP.

    I wonder if she is hoping to “work” for Samsung?

    Time will tell.

  4. It’s hard to believe that someone like Mitchell can carry on with such a willfull blindness to the issue of adverse effects of turbines. She was on the Standing Hearing Committee and heard first hand from people sick from turbines. She has been contacted by numerous constituents expressing concern.
    She puts on her blinders and spews the party policy garbage out thinking it will push the hurt people under the rug.
    I want to remind the Conservatives that if they come to power, we in rural Ontario WILL NOT forget if they allow ANY turbines to go forward, just to ‘honour’ a contract put in place by the liberals. There is NO honour in allowing any more of these turbines to be put so close to families, regardless of contracts signed.


    Shame on Carol Mitchell and the McGuinty Liberals

    Read presentation 1110, the last presentation, and the presentation at 1330 for victim statements and scan farther ( 1040, 1310 TRI LEA EM,and others)for powerful presentations by those we are all proud the call “neighbours” and those who work in a totally volunteer capacity to help fight against industrial wind complexes.
    Avoter who will vote to restore democracy to rural Ontario.

  6. The photos of the No Wind Turbine signs provide an impact greater than most articles and reach more viewers. No government can hide the fact a significant and influential number of people knows the truth about wind turbines. The bold signs tell them the truth cannot be hidden.

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