Liberal MPP misquoted numbers because he was in his pajamas

by ANTONELLA ARTUSO, Toronto Sun       

The “pajama defence” won’t get Liberal cabinet ministers off the hook for using inaccurate numbers, Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod says.

After Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli was questioned about assertions he made on green job creation and wage sector pay freezes to an Ottawa radio station, he explained away the errors by noting it was an early morning interview, she said.

Bob Chiarelli said he misquoted his numbers because he was in his pajamas,” she said.

MacLeod said Chiarelli wasn’t the only Liberal struggling with his numbers — she questioned Finance Minister Dwight Duncan’s deficit statements and Energy Minister Brad Duguid’s commitment to ending coal-fired electricity.

“He continues to say that Ontario is moving past coal generation towards cleaner sources of energy — a line that doesn’t mesh with the facts because on Monday Ontario Clean Air Alliance revealed that in fact Ontario’s use of coal to generate electricity rose by 28% in the last year,” she said.

The Tories have yet to come up with any plan of their own so they just criticize others, Duguid said.

“It’s typical Tory shifty hypocrisy when it comes to her misleading suggestions about our efforts to move off coal,” he said.

“When her leader Tim Hudak was in (government) the use of coal went up 127%. That was making our air dirtier, it was impacting our health.”

The use of coal rose last year because a dry summer limited hydro-generated power and prompted consumers to use more air conditioning.

Duguid accused MacLeod of attempting to mislead the public about the Liberals’ record in reducing dependence on coal, while ignoring her own party’s lack of effort in that regard.

With all the accusations flying about Friday, NDP MPP Peter Kormos offered that he had read an essay by Princeton University prof Harry G. Frankfurt called “On Bulls …” that provided clarity about political spin.

“When you lie, you know the facts. When you bulls… you don’t know the facts,” Kormos said.

9 thoughts on “Liberal MPP misquoted numbers because he was in his pajamas

  1. Most parents today for one reason or another, like being too damn tired from working all day and night trying to feed their families, OR are just too overwhelmed by the IT culture to try and tell their children ANYTHING anymore…………have basically “disconnected” from the actual education of their own.

    This has be intensified by the “Nanny State” created by McGuinty and his followers, specially the School Boards of Ontario!

    Children are being literally “BRAINWASHED” in an Institutional setting that is getting to look more and more just like a Prison!

    Children cannot even question a teacher anymore on their statements without being punished and admonished for being “rebellious”!

    A “Day Care” generation is ripe pickings for these “teachers/pension planners” who carry on with the strict routine of controlling everything a student does and says from the moment they enter the “school until the leave/graduate”!

    If parents want to do one single thing to start their children back on the right path for a successful and creative future is to tell them one thing: QUESTION AUTHORITY!

  2. This government can’t say sorry enough with the mistakes they’ve made and feel justified to make with citizens health.

  3. The present government is spending huge sums of money on “horse & buggy” technology/wind turbines so they can’t afford to answer Ontarians questions.

    On top of this the government plans to employ people to make wind turbines/wind mills just as people were employed in this industry ~ 100 years ago.

    This is the “new green energy” but really is the energy of more than a ~ 100 years ago. Then they have the nerve to call this progress.

  4. Lynne,

    Just sent this information to my family. The unfortunate thing about this is that our domestic auto makers could be further damaged by this if they are forced to produce vehicles like this that can’t be sold on world markets. Consumers need vehicles they can go places in.Someplaces in the world don’t even have electricity so these cars are useless.

  5. “In January, in a CFRA interview, Bob Chiarelli stated that his government was freezing public sector wages and was then forced to admit he was wrong. He was later forced to admit that, when he said on air that tens of thousands of green jobs had already been created, he was wrong.”

    It’s about time these MPP’s were held accountable for the statements that they make to the public.

  6. Once again Mr. Duguid doesn’t tell the truth, and figures don’t lie. Coal production went up under the Harris Government, because nuclear units had to come offline for rebuilding. All four Pickering A units came offline on December 31,1997. Bruce A units came offline between October 8, 1995 and April 9, 1998.

    The PC government authorized the installation of SCRs on the four most heavily used coal units, reducing NOx emissions from those units by 80%. Lakeview’s four units were refitted with new low NOx burners, reducing NOx emssions by 50%.

    The installation of emission controls ended with the McGuinty Government, and they’ve taken an alternative route, increasing our power bills about 70% since coming to office.

  7. To my Hero: Dalton McGuinty!

    I was thinking that this might be a product defect — that pajamas were shipped with “Bad Answers”. But… I checked mine this morning. No bad answers anywhere amongst them. I also checked my bath robes. Nothing there either. So, I am much relieved.

    I was thinking that this was like the Toy Scandal… that some Chinese Factory that now had all our pajama business had lowered the quality of the product and stuffed all their bad answers in the Pajamas going to Canada. (This would be kinda like the lead paint on toys scandal you see.) We are after all only a minor trading partner — despite Maurice Strong’s worst efforts.

    Maybe when Carol Mitchel resumes her career in Retail Clothing she can start a new product line of Pajamas with the Logo “Bad Answers” plastered all over them. It would be a fitting tribute to Liberalism in Ontario. Kids would love them!

    In the meantime I am sitting here in my warm apparel — made in China — a country that has lots of coal fired power stations — all made possible by trade with countries that are banking their future on Wind Turbines, Solar cells and power from flatulent cows (bio-gas).

    All hail the Emperor! The McGuinty!

  8. T3: Step 1: Provide alternate housing for all those affected, paid for by profits from the industrial wind turbine causing the problems. Step 2: Stop all industrial wind turbine developments in Ontario. Step 3: Decommission and remove all existing industrial wind turbines. Doing these steps would be cheaper and provide more sustainable, useable and cheaper power options than if Ontario continues with the wasteful industrial wind developments. Sorry to hear of your experiences, T3. Thanks for sharing them as it gives urgency to the situation.

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