Meaford wants International Power to include Q&A at turbine meeting

by Chris Fell,

Meaford council wants International Power to include a question and answer session at its next public meeting about a proposed wind farm in northwest Sydenham Township.

Meaford council at its regular meeting on Monday, January 10 unanimously passed a resolution brought forward by Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield to ask International Power to include more public participation at its next meeting.

The resolution read:

“Whereas International Power Corporation is in the process of developing a 26 tower wind turbine farm in the Silcote/Balaclava area of the Municipality of Meaford; and

Whereas there are many local residents who have many unanswered questions and concerns pertaining to the establishment of said wind farms; and

Therefore, Be It Resolved, That Council of the Municipality of Meaford formally request International Power to confirm that their second public meeting required under The Green Energy Act be in the form of a “town hall” type meeting enabling interested citizens to be involved in a question and answer public forum.”

International Power held a public meeting about the proposal in November. At the meeting dozens of representatives from the company were on hand to answer questions from the public about the proposal, but there was no formal presentation with an opportunity for the public to ask direct questions.

Those attending the first public meeting were also able to submit their questions in writing.

Deputy Mayor Greenfield said he has heard from many people upset about how the first meeting was conducted.

“There was so much frustration and disappointment from the many people that attended,” he said. “They felt they didn’t get answers to their questions. Our residents need answers and they deserve answers,” said the Deputy Mayor.

Other members of council did not comment on the resolution and support for its passage was unanimous. No date has been set for a second public meeting about the wind turbine project.

7 thoughts on “Meaford wants International Power to include Q&A at turbine meeting

  1. Read the Cloak of Green by Elaine Dewar, you can order the book from chapters indigo, amazon or the publisher. It is about big business and the government scamming the tax payers.
    The wind turbines are a way for big business to make a to of money from rich countries, it is called distributing the wealth.

  2. “to ask International Power to include more public participation at its next meeting.” More? That is for to laugh! How about any public input at all! The wind company meetings are not consultation; they are promotion.

    They are all the same, only the company name changes, with boards lined up and 10 or so uncomfortable wind company reps wandering around.

    Ask a good question. Possible answer:

    1. I’ll see if I can find the person who knows about that. (Then they leave.)

    2. CanWEA says…..Arline King says…..In Germany……The poll says……We are different……

    3. (With a thoughful and caring expression on face…) Let me write that down since I’ve never heard this before and I’ll get back to you.

    4. (Staring off into space thinking about that beer waiting in the fridge…) I don’t know, (and obviously doesn’t care) I’ll find someone who does. (And then they leave.)

    5. You just write that question down and go away now. (I did get a reply 9 months later from Nextera but it didn’t answer my questions.)

    6. Did you get a coffee and a donut yet?

  3. Oh, yes, and for the wind company ‘head hunter’ private meeting I went to on the Bruce Peninsula with Glen Estil at the helm, they had pop, food and beer to hand out to the landowners invited. After a couple of beer’s worth of time gone by, they asked again for people to just sign their name and to put down how much land they had.

  4. IWT companies can’t answer the public’s questions because IWTs don’t have sound science to back them up. So all they can do is talk around the science issues.

    There is no way to defend or explain to the public for using “horse & buggy” technology to produce electricity in the 21st century.

    But just keep on asking questions anyway as it keeps them on the defensive.

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