An open letter to MP Ben Lobb

Ben Lobb

Goderich Signal Star

As a member of HEAT (Huron East Against Turbines) and WEPAT (West and East Perth Against Turbines), I am writing you not as constituent, since I live in Perth County but as citizen of Canada. However, an industrial wind project in your jurisdiction of Huron County is but 1 km from our farm. Here, 15-20 wind turbines are to be constructed, as well as stated on the Ontario Power Association’s website, 10,000 are to be constructed in the near future throughout Ontario.

The health concerns connected to wind turbines is being disregarded by our provincial government. After our citizen groups had met with our MPP and Minister of the Environment John Wilkinson to discuss this issue, we felt that he totally disregarded our fears and he wished to push forward with the government’s poorly planned energy policy, a policy that is steeped in corporate gain and job creation, using Rural Ontario as their factory.

I have interviewed a number of people who have been forced from their homes due to ill health caused by Wind Turbine Syndrome, who are sick, financially raped, and have been discarded as unvalued citizens due to the drive of our Provincial Government to produce energy from wind.

I know that as a Federal Member of Parliament, you will say that energy is a provincial matter. But the Federal Government did extend initiative funding in the 2005-2006 era (I admittedly am not sure of the exact budget, although I know Green Energy funding was extended). This funding then does give the Federal Government jurisdiction and responsibility of our misguided Provincial Government to use that federal money in a just way.

Thus, I am asking you Ben as a caring and responsible member, for I did note your interest and concern through your presence at the 2009 EBR meeting in Port Elgin and the 2010 Sept 18 meeting in Clinton, to exert pressure to bring some sense to this ludicrous situation where the Ontario Provincial Government is abusing Rural Ontario and jeopardizing its citizens’ health.

I fear for the health of my family with a wind turbine project but 1 km from us. I fear for my neighbours’ health and convey their fear and I express the pain of those citizens whose health has been impacted by wind turbines, for wind turbines cause health damage where ever they are installed.

Please Ben, take action. As a proud citizen, I ask you.


Tom Melady 

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  1. We need Ben’s help in Central Huron also. Unlike our neighbouring communities, and many others around the Province, the Council for Central Huron has to date remained seemingly receptive to two IWT projects totalling 250MW. We are without leadership as the Reeve is conflicted both philosophically and economically. He has errantly associated his stewardship beliefs with IWTs, and also has signed leases for two IWTs on his property. Noone else on Council has stepped up to take on this much needed leadership role.

    Our Liberal MPP Carol Mitchell has taken the coward’s way out by continually spewing the Party mantra, and has no interest in the concerns of those constituents in her riding that are suffering ill effects of living too close to IWTs, or the concerns of those that may be placed in this position in the very near future.

    Any help that our MP can bring forth in eliminating the Federal sudsidy, which I understand expires this March, would be much appreciated.

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