Liberals use lies, hype to fool the public

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Merv Misch, a Dobbinton-area farmer, wrote a letter to the Rural Voice magazine in support of wind turbines.  It was good to see that he couldn’t give any credible reasons to justify these disgusting eyesores, their horrendous inefficiency and outrageous cost to build and operate.

He mentioned jobs created, millions of dollars for the local economy and the thousands of acres given up by landowners.  These statements are ludicrous. They show the lies and hype the Liberals have used to fool the public.

The few jobs created to erect turbines are only short duration. The manufacturing jobs will end when all the wind farms are finally built in Ontario. There will be more jobs lost than created. Sadly, many lost jobs will be small farmers, unable to afford the high cost of electricity due to the Green Energy changes added to utility bills and realty taxes.

Exorbitant electricity costs will be a direct result of subsidies paid to multi-national companies for ridiculously inefficient wind and solar projects.

No farmer could afford to keep a breeding female animal on the farm if she only produced offspring every seven or eight years. That is how poor these types of electrical generation are at 3% to 15% efficiency.

The millions of dollars for the local economy come directly from the subsidies paid for by taxpayers. Some of these taxpayers are farmers.

The thousands of acres of land given up doesn’t justify these ugly blights on the landscape.

Someone installing a personal generation system for their own use is commendable, but the greedy landowners supporting outrageous subsidies to multi-national companies is wrong.

Farmers complain, and rightly so, about competing with subsidized agricultural products from other countries. They also complain about subsidizing people on welfare who are capable of working.

Sadly, that is what Dalton has done to farmers. Not only has he made them welfare bums, he has conned them into paying for part of their welfare cheque.

We all know farming is a tough way to make a living, but at least it has a lot of self-esteem, and we can be proud of ourselves while doing it. These welfare bums are changing that pride in work, and the land to shame. There is an important attempt by farmers to get consumers to buy locally. Is this how farmers repay the public by forcing up the money they pay for electricity? Will the consumer attempt to save money by buying cheaper imported produce?

So to the farmers who have been conned into scamming the rest of us, I hope you enjoy your welfare money. It is being paid to you by taxpayers and fellow farmers, who haven’t sunk quite as low as you.

G. Walker, Annan

6 thoughts on “Liberals use lies, hype to fool the public

  1. Well said. We can’t all pass the responsibility to someone else. This is your neighbourhood and no matter what Dalton McGuinty says, we do have a say as to what future development is healthy for our communities.

  2. And China is smiling all the way to the bank!

    She’s big on wind turbine exports as well.

    I’m curious to see what ultimate negative impact this foolishness will have on the global economy and how long this will take to happen. I suspect not long, maybe less then a decade!

    China no doubt will escape unscathed the reasons about which I have already posted ad- nauseaum!


  3. BBW:

    I think that this foolishness has already affected Ontario deeply. We are now officially a “have-not” province — receiving federal subsidies.

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