No benefit for consumers in green energy

by John S. McGee, P.Eng.

BARRIE – The issue of skyrocketing hydro bills should become front and centre so consumers and landowners have some say over energy policy. So far, the Ontario government has completely ignored the devastation wreaked on the economies of many European countries by the blind pursuit of wind power, and even removed municipal planning authority over wind farms.

Due to the intermittent nature of wind power, fossil-fired plants must back it all up.

Since coal is unacceptable to the current government, we’ve seen a string of new high-cost gas-fired plants across the province. It is clear that the main drivers behind hydro bill increases are the huge subsidies being paid to wind and solar developers. Consumers pay and see no environmental benefit.

John S. McGee, P.Eng., Barrie

4 thoughts on “No benefit for consumers in green energy

  1. I think that there lots of reasons for Ontario voters to hate the FAKE Green Energy Act and the Ontario Liberal Party for this BOONDOGGLE of epic proportions….

  2. Power consumers will pay more to cover the private property leases and a few jobs. The money comes from the consumer to pay for expenses and to pay returns to the investors. There is no other money source.

  3. For example, if 1 job permanent job is created for every 10 turbines and say each 2MW turbine costs $2 million installed then each job costs $20 million to create.

    Not a wise use of money for jobs creation and not a good deal for Hydro customers who will have to pay for this.

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