Purveyors of ‘junk science’

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I don’t take too much exception to IPC Energy president John Andrews refusing to comment on my ‘junk science.’  When anyone refuses to answer reasonable questions it implies they have no credible answers.

And incidentally, just for the record, I am not affiliated with WindConcerns in any way, nor ever have been, although I totally support their efforts in opposing Ontario’s insane Green Energy Act.

For 10 minutes, last Tuesday evening in Wainfleet council chambers, IPC’s Andrews claimed to be an ‘expert witness’ with regard to skydiving, based on a self-confessed few jumps many years ago in his youth. No court in Canada would have contemplated accepting this as expert witness evidence.

The IPC Energy president offered no more than ‘junk science’ in his entire presentation.

The wind energy industry claims that industrial wind turbines are ‘reliable, efficient, economical, environmentally friendly and most of all green.’

Reliable. The power grid depends on a continuous and steady power supply. When the wind drops, wind can provide zero power. To claim reliability is junk science.

Efficient. Wind energy is credited, on Ontario government websites, with having just 3% capacity of Ontario’s energy needs. Over any given period, wind energy provides less than 1% of that required energy. To claim efficiency is junk science.

Economical. If wind energy was worthwhile, contractors would be fighting to invest their own money knowing that in today’s environmentalist world they would make millions based on good science. To demand a 400% markup on their product to ensure their profits? Junk science.

Environmentally friendly. Each of the turbines planned for Wainfleet will have nearly 3,000 tonnes of concrete poured as its base into our agricultural environment.

Once constructed there will be thousands of litres of gear and lubricating oil in continuous motion, 100 metres above our countryside.

An added bit of information. The gears and moving parts have to operate even when the wind stops to continually circulate all that oil. When the wind stops the turbines are powered to continue to turn.

Green. Gear oil, lubricating oil, towers, blades, all manufactured using fossil fuel byproducts not a single component being green.

More junk science. Wake up Ontario.

Andrew Watts, Wainfleet

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  1. The Industrial Wind Turbine developers claim to have first rights to any development including jeopardizing current businesses (except the Air Force).
    This government has allowed rampant industrial sprawl to any area in Ontario including our Great Lakes.

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