Blustery start for wind farm lawsuit

Anthony Zwig, president and CEO of Toronto-based Horizon Wind Inc.  

THUNDER BAY – City of Thunder Bay Legal Counsel received notification this afternoon that the Superior Court will not stay, or put on hold, Horizon’s action for breach of contract pending resolution by an arbitrator. Superior Court Justice Whitaker ruled the arbitration clause applies only to disputes under the Lease and not disputes under the Option Agreement, which is the subject matter of Horizon’s dispute before the Court.

City Manager Tim Commisso stated, “We are disappointed with the outcome of this preliminary procedural motion as our view is that a favourable decision would have allowed the matter to be dealt with more efficiently and quickly, which is a benefit to both parties. We are preparing for the next steps and will be reporting to Council on Monday. This is a serious legal matter and our position has not changed. The City has been responsible and fair and the City will continue to defend itself vigorously”.

The law suit between the City of Thunder Bay and Horizon Legacy Energy Corporation, Horizon Wind Inc., Horizon Wind Limited Partnership, Big Thunder Wind Park Inc. or Big Thunder Wind Park Limited Partnership stems from a decision by Thunder Bay City Council to move the proposed wind turbine sites.

“Horizon Wind Energy LLC has no affiliation with Horizon Wind, Inc. and is not involved in the Thunder Bay project. Horizon Wind Energy LLC is based in Houston, TX, and manages their Canadian company under

7 thoughts on “Blustery start for wind farm lawsuit

  1. The Wind Companies don’t give a hoot where they get their money from as long as they get it!

    Ever wonder why there are huge ads lately for “Environmental Lawyers Required” trying to sign up students to be Lawyers for “Greenies”!

    The Greenies” wouldn’t need lawyers unless they were doing something ILLEGAL!

  2. Thunder Bay city council got themselves into this legal mess but that’s ok as they have the taxpayers money to get themselves out of the legal mess.

  3. Don Coyote:

    I know exactly what you mean as I are one too… So I differentiate between them by adding adjectives or phrases in front of the word — like “Wild-eyed”, “ignorant” or “demented” or “half crazed” — but then again… 🙂

  4. Anthony Zwig, president and CEO of Toronto-based Horizon Wind Inc., give it up, what don’t you understand the PEOPLE of Thunder Bay want you to stick your IWT’s where ones person would sit on a chair. Mr. Zwig, I ask, are you human or are you a SNAKE in a suit?

    To better understand the actions of some CEO’s in Ontario, please review the following link;

  5. Quite a few of “us” were “Greenies” in the very sense of the word. I personally took University courses in Earth Sciences and Environmental studies back in the day when we were all concerned with really “saving the planet”! Lived and developed a lifestyle that even today, some 40 years later, is still “environmentally sensitive.

    That was then, this is now.

    Industry and Power Mongers of the world through the likes of Maurice Strong took “our” beliefs and “environmental awareness” and totally “BASTARDISED” the whole movement turning it completely around 180 degrees into what we now see as a very evil dark place all the while calling “themselves” Green”!

    So there you have it! “Greenies” today to most of us are the above carpet baggers who have stolen the name and OUR beliefs from long ago and have blended it together into something hideous and destructive!!!

    I suggest if anyone finds the word “Greenies” offensive then call yourself what you really should calling yourself: An Honourable Citizen of The Planet!

    Like the Brown Shirts of the 30’s these people are now the Green Shirts of modern day!

  6. Would it be better to use “eco-nuts” instead of “greenies”?

  7. I think name calling is a bit childish and I’m afraid I am guilty of falling into this game but here is why “Greenies” kind of encompasses all the so-called New Age Environmentalists that have shown us how absolutely uninformed they really are. Again I too fell into that category for at least 30 years!

    Anyone who believes in AGW is a Greenie. AGW is a Lie! To still believe in this Lie is denying scientific research. Anyone who believes Wind Generation of Electricity is efficient, Clean, or Free is a Greenie. Wind Generation of any size is probably the least efficient, most costly type of electrical generation out of all “alternatives” today.

    You get the point. The whole Green Revolution is nothing more than a vehicle for Banksters, Greed Merchants and Power Hungry Politicians to “peddle” their wares for the real purpose of stealing your money, land and resources all in the name of a FAKE illusion! So to be Non Politically Correct I have to label them all “Greenies” as the colour Green these days means money not Honourable Citizens of the Planet!
    Anyone who believes that today.

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