Taxpayers pay, one way or another

MPP John Wilkinson placed an advertisement in the January 14, Wellington Advertiser, announcing the Clean Energy Benefit program providing Ontario Hydro Consumers with a 10% reduction of every electrical bill for the next five years.

With no reduction of Hydro rates, financing this “benefit” apparently comes by borrowing additional billions, thereby increasing the provincial debt to be shouldered by taxpayers for the foreseeable future.

I believe this subsidy, is akin to the bank raising my mortgage $350/month, then offering to reduce my mortgage $200/month, by using my credit card for the missing $200/month over five years. Now I’ll pay interest on the $200 savings while going further into debt. After five years I will still pay $200/month more, plus pay a new credit card debt.

There’s no magic money tree to pay the provincial debt. It comes from increasing tax revenues and/or reducing government services. Or you ignore it hoping it goes away. The Ontario debt has grown from $139 billion since Dalton McGuinty’s election to over $212 billion today.

I believe this “Energy Benefit” is irresponsible vote buying to obscure skyrocketing hydro rates due to Liberal energy policies. I understand as finance minister John Wilkinson oversaw implementation of Ontario’s HST tax and adding HST onto hydro bills. Now apparently Wilkinson is advertising a Liberal 10% hydro bill relief plan, ultimately financed by taxpayers.

The ad’s allusion that fewer people accessing health care offsets these costs is misleading. Closing Ontario coal plants will have little effect on our overall air quality. The Ontario Minister of Environment surely knows 90% of pollutants affecting Ontario is delivered by prevailing winds from external sources.

In August 2007, the government launched an official complaint with the USA Environmental Protection Agency, saying; “Ontario predicts more than half of certain types of air pollution in the province originate south of the border, with 90% of the smog hitting cities like Sarnia and Windsor coming from the USA.”

Additionally, today’s modern coal-fired plants produce more power, with less emission of criteria pollutants, than ever before. According to the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), new pulverized coal plants (operating at lower, “subcritical” temperatures and pressures) reduce NOx emissions by 86%, SO2 by 98%, and particulate matter by 99.8%, compared with similar plants having no pollution controls.

So no matter how many 18? cents/kw industrial wind turbines or 80 cents/kw Solar Panels are built by virtue of the Liberals Green Energy Act, on the pretext of closing 4? cents/kw Ontario clean filtered coal plants, air born pollutants will continue to flow from sources external to Ontario and beyond our control.

Eight years ago when Ernie Eves announced a government funded rate freeze on Hydro rates, an outraged opposition leader Dalton McGuinty responded “My real concern is how much will this cost all of us over the long term?” In 2004 McGuinty ended the rate freeze well before his stated 2006 schedule.

So far our hydro bills have doubled and are destined to keep climbing under the Liberal Government’s Green Energy Act.


4 thoughts on “Taxpayers pay, one way or another

  1. How much longer does this Government think they can out and lie to the Citizens of of this once great Province before they are going to be dragged into court?………………oh wait they are being dragged into court!

  2. Evern Germany realizes that Green Energy is a lie and it costs too much….They are in fact adding coal-fired plants rather than closing them down….In fact 26 new coal-fired plants are planned in Gernmany…..while in Ontario the lies continue and McGuinty gives his friends money for building useless Industrial Wind farms with Taxpayer money…Kiss $28 Billion GOOD-BYE…..

    “26 New Coal Power Plants In Germany”

  3. The irony is that Wilkinson claims that he was a Financial Planner…..Who would won’t to hire him to manage their finances with this type or pretzel logic….John says….Let’s borrow against the equity in your house and buy $400,000 worth of mutual funds…invested in Green Energy….Haha

  4. NO! NO! NO! You are better off. Just ask your Liberal MPP.–province-says-tax-changes-paying-off-for-ontarians?bn=1

    Whoa are you going to believe?!!!

    Your lying wallet? Your lyin’ eyes? …or an honest Liberal MPP.


    “Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod (Nepean-Carleton) scoffed at the suggestion that the lot of Ontario families is improving.

    “To trust these calculations, you first have to trust Dalton McGuinty and (Finance Minister) Dwight Duncan and there’s not a lot of people who do,” said MacLeod.

    “Nobody believes them. People’s wallets are getting a lot lighter and they lose credibility when they pull stunts like this,” she said.

    While the provincial Tories have attacked the HST, they have yet to disclose their plans for tax relief if they form government.”


    Trust! An essential part of the relationship.

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