An assault on rights

Waterloo Region Record

Last year, Premier Dalton McGuinty steam-rolled the Green Energy Act through the legislature. But the fine print of this act is an assault on all taxpayers’ rights, not just landowners, which should set off alarm bells. All municipalities in Ontario have lost any say regarding construction of windmills or solar units.

Do not be lulled by the image of a few little windmills turning romantically in the wind. These windmills are huge, industrial-scale electrical generating plants with many economic and health problems. It is my belief that landowners who lease land for the windmills are required to sign gag orders that do not allow them to speak of any health or economic issues. This seems very contradictory when the government that took away the municipalities’ rights on this issue and the companies that are constructing these generating plants claim there are no issues.

Craig Dill, Mitchell


3 thoughts on “An assault on rights

  1. It is high time that insulated urban people realize the sinister (or stupid), destructive elements of the energy act and the incredible moral corruption of leader McGuinty and his followers. History is catching up with McGuinty as public awareness and protest escalate.

    Go back to the basic policy. Just look at the ghastly rotting hulk the IPCC has turned out to be in an organization where the most important personal incentives are US visas for employees and grants for scientists who toe the line.

  2. If an individual harmed by IWT installation can’t have their day in court without first putting up front ~ $50 K – $ 100 K in legal fees then laws are meaningless or only for the wealthy.

    Something is wrong here and it needs to be changed.

  3. The comments in “the Record”, following the article are extremely disturbing.
    I have sent my rebuttal but it is sadly out numbered.

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