Getting what we voted for

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It was nice to see the large turnout on a stormy Saturday morning to get the other side of the story on wind energy.

Wind energy appeals to many because it is green. But is it really green? Alternate power sources must always be on tap when the wind fails. This alternate power must always be up and running as you cannot just switch it on and off. Running these plants at less than design level is not efficient and probably emits as many pollutants as when running as it should.

Wainfleet is not known for its employment opportunities or tourism attractions. Where proposed new facilities threaten existing businesses and tourist attractions, they should not be considered.

The Ontario Liberal government has taken control of where so-called green energy projects can be located and has contracted to pay many times the going cost of electricity to those operating these systems. That money comes out of our pockets.

It is interesting that only 30 to 40% of eligible voters vote, which means 60% or more of eligible voters over and above those who voted a party to power approve of what that party does.

I guess we get the government we deserve.

Bernie Cusack, Wainfleet

2 thoughts on “Getting what we voted for

  1. Hi Bernie

    Instead of letting others set the agenda, frame your experience or just plain walk all over you, please consider a proactive way to get both the government you want and the government you deserve.

    The ancient Greeks had a process: every citizen took his turn serving in the legislative asembly!

    That was when the world’s population was < 1 B.

    Now that we have 7 X that #, citizenship takes on a different definition; but nevertheless, you can take on a very important role if you are prepared to do the work of becoming a candidate or searching and selecting a worthy [your definition of worthiness] candidate and then talking about your vision for your elected assembly and getting "your" candidate elected.

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