Poem by Paula C. Peel

Ostrander Point  by Paula C. Peel, Prince Edward County

Along the coast of Marysburgh south
A line of turbines stand,
Arcing blades on steel trunks
Anchored to crown land.

Above the coast of Marysburgh south
Condemned birds fly and die;
Blood-smeared edge on glinting blades
Soaring bird meets steel-rimmed sky.

Across the field my neighbour shrugs
And looks the other way.
A whip-poor-will’s song and the morning dew
Belie those throbbing blades.

Bequeathed to us, no longer ours,
Restrained by fence and gate;
Cold wind sweeps over our wetland shores
And behemoth blades rotate.

2 thoughts on “Poem by Paula C. Peel

  1. A moment to reflect….is so very much appreciated.

    In our desperate attempts to protect our ourselves, our neighbours and fellow citizens from harm – it is also important to be reminded of those small, helpless creatures of this earth that are also in precipitous need.

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