Pre-Hearing Wraps Up For Wind Farm Appeal

More than 20 experts from around the world will present evidence in next month’s hearings for the appeal of the Kent Breeze Wind Farm near Thamesville.

Today’s preliminary hearing laid the ground work for discussion between the participants but didn’t involve a lot of finalized details. The Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal, Ministry of Environment, developer Suncor and appellants Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group and Katie Erickson, talked about adding more dates — possibly holding some of them in Toronto and whether some data should be kept confidential. However, the chair of the tribunal didn’t make any decisions in those matters. A professional engineer specializing in risk management, Bill Palmer, was granted presenter status to provide evidence on the impacts to human health. However, Cacey Simpson, a neighbour to one of the turbine properties seeking the same status was put off until the parties could discuss the matter further. A teleconference will be held January 20 to hammer out the rest of the details.

Video by Blackburn News Reporter Dave Richie.

5 thoughts on “Pre-Hearing Wraps Up For Wind Farm Appeal

  1. I never knew that ice was an issue as well. It makes sense. I’d better watch out next time I drive by a turbine!!

  2. Bravo!!! The water table issue is getting recognized for solar installations too: once you wreck the water table with a turbine foundation, or the steel rods for solar, there’s no going back.

  3. Thank you, Bill!
    Your unwavering professionalism is a standard to which all engineers have taken an oath to uphold and all engineers must aspire to at all times or loose their certification.
    As you have repeatedly stated’ “We are each other’s neighbour.”.
    As always…GOOD JOB!


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