Payments and premiums to Samsung blacked out

Ontario still hiding details of $7B green energy deal with Korean giant Samsung By: The Canadian Press

TORONTO – Ontario’s Liberal government is still refusing to say exactly how much Korean giant Samsung will be paid to generate electricity with wind and solar projects.

The Tories and New Democrats have condemned the $7 billion green energy agreement with Samsung since it was announced a year ago as a massive taxpayer subsidy to a foreign company.

The NDP has obtained a copy of the Samsung deal through freedom of information, but all of the provisions regarding the payments and premiums for Samsung have been deleted.

Several of the 32 pages released by the government are virtually blank, except for introductory lines about “economic development adder” clauses Samsung will be paid by Ontario taxpayers.

The agreement calls on Samsung to build new manufacturing plants in Ontario for solar and wind farms as well as green energy projects, creating thousands of new jobs.

In return, Ontario guarantees the Korean company space on the province’s limited transmission grid, plus premium rates for the electricity it generates.

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  1. i thought this type of shady business was done only in communist style governments.

  2. Mike Colussi:

    What if we all agreed with you?

    Maybe this type of business is only done by Communist/Progressive governments.

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