Arran Elderslie Asks for More Info on Wind Project

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The council chambers were packed largely with wind energy opponents as presenters on both sides of the issue spoke to Arran-Elderslie council on Monday.

Representatives from wind developer Leader Resources updated council on the proposal for the 115 megawatt Arran Wind Project planned for construction in Arran-Elderslie and Saugeen Shores in early 2012.

Mayor Paul Eagleson says council has compiled a list of 15 questions for the Leader representatives, ranging from setbacks of the turbines to decommissioning plans.
Eagleson admits that council probably already knows the answers, but they want the information straight from the Leader representatives.

Meanwhile Arran-Elderslie landowner Bruce Ransome says he expects to be compensated by the municipality if council is successful in their attempt to stop a wind energy development.
Ransome says landowners are major contributors to the municipality and deserve to be compensated if their investment is taken away.

Arran-Elderslie Mayor Paul Eagleson declined to comment on the matter, citing legal reasons.

4 thoughts on “Arran Elderslie Asks for More Info on Wind Project

  1. Perhaps Mr. Ransome would agree to compensate his neighbours who do not participate in the project for the decline in their property values should Leader Resources be allowed to build the proposed wind farm.

  2. I hate this arrogance that some landowners have, thinking they can do whatever they please on their property with complete disregard for their neighbors.

    If I was denied a permit to build a manure incineration factory on my property 550 metres away from my neigbours’, could I sue the town?

    Personally, I think I’d rather smell burning you know what all day long then have a 400 ft. spinning propellor on a stick hanging over my head every day.

    Really, is it any different here?

  3. What about the bylaw? Does the fact that Leader is still pushing ahead with this suggest the bylaw doesn’t hold water? It looks to me that somebody has no intention of abiding by the rules. If that’s the case, why?

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