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Protesters from Niagara and beyond joined members of the West Lincoln Wind Action Group, for a peaceful protest at a wind energy information night at South Lincoln Secondary School in Smithville on Tuesday night.WLWAG chair calls information presentation ‘misleading’

A group of about 30 protestors greeted attendees at a wind energy information night in Smithville on Tuesday.

About 200 people attended the event, planned by the proponent IPC Energy, at South Lincoln Secondary School, with industry panelists fielding questions from a sometimes restless audience of locals and supporters from surrounding communities. The protest was organized by the West Lincoln Wind Action Group (WLWAG).

Protestors handed out pamphlets and spoke to locals attending the information night. Lloyd Davies, of Glanbrook, was one of the protestors. He said he was concerned about the health effects from the West Lincoln project, as it bordered Westbrook Road and the town line.

“Some of our homes in our township are going to be too close to this,” said Davies.

Davies attended an information night organized by an anti-windpower community group in November of 2010, and heard testimony from speakers who claimed to have suffered bad health after the construction of wind turbines nearby.

“I don’t know nothing about sound personally, but it seems to have a terrible effect on your nervous system, for some people. And it also affects animals too, dogs and cats… it’s serious stuff. The wind company is showing here tonight as an information night to try and quell our fears,” he said. When asked if there was any information the industry panel could provide which would quell his personal fears, Davies replied simply, “No. Absolutely not.”

Cam Pritchard, spokesperson for WLWAG, said the protest was a way of keeping the concerns of the group in the public eye.

“We’re concerned about our health and our property values, and the neighbour-to-neighbour conflict that is happening with these turbines that are going in. We’d like to have the wind turbines company explain themselves.”

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  1. from: Wind Critics Not Quelled
    “The silent majority of Ontarians are on-side when it comes to wind energy, but the very vocal minority that oppose wind are doing a good job of getting heard,” she (Farrah) said. (Farrah represented the health expert in the panel.)

    She commented that we would never want o put a turbine in a national park due to their effects on wildlife. But had no information to give when asked how the turbines would effect horses and livestock.

    When asked if anyone in ontario had ever complained of sleep deprivation at the 550M setback or greater, she was not aware of any complaints.

    Farrah dismissed the ongoing health complaints claiming there aren’t any studies to prove them.

    Farrah has a degree in Political Science and Religion and a background in documentary film making.

    Thanks for coming out. We all feel much better now.

  2. Wellll… I guess from this article that “Wind Turbines prevent cancer”… just takes the cake!


    “Sure, some individuals may disagree with a field of solar panels on an aesthetic level. Others may get annoyed with the sounds from a local wind farm. However, with the province of Ontario’s regulation, which demands a minimum 550 metre set-back for the installation of wind turbines, these annoyances can generally be avoided. In time, renewable energy devices will become a welcomed part of our landscape, just as we’ve become accustomed to seeing telephone poles along our roads and transmission lines in country fields.

    Cancer prevention is in our power. It’s in the kind of power we choose to light and heat our homes; play our stereos and recharge our cell phones. In fact, the choice of embracing renewable technology is a must if we’re serious about fighting cancer.”


    I guess you folks just can’t keep up with the great intellects of the day…

    When you have a degree in religion, consort with Musical Ministers of the Environment and hang out with the likes of Gideon Foreman… then these claims come easily… creative writing and all that…

    Got it folks? Put your cap in your head and keep your eyes lowered when you approach the great lady. She found a cure for cancer…

    It’s all in the turbines…

    I wish I had credentials that allowed me to make these claims. I could be famous tooo!

    Excuse me — I gotta go heave!

  3. As I said in an earlier post, this meeting was a textbook “follow the rules according to the Sussex marketing strategy”….we had the REA information piled onto slides so full of info they were impossible to read coupled with a 40 minute presentation of babblespeak, the 20 minute presentation about how wonderful group projects would be, two examples of which included one whole wind turbines, the rest of which centered around solar (relevance to our area – zero!!), a ludicrous 25 minute babble about real estate values near acreages with four hundred foot high fence rows (yes, I did get that number right!) and an admission one of the two presentors that what applied in the area of their “study” wouldn’t apply anywhere else anyhow, a lauding of the succes of the wind industry in Europe by someone who obviously hasn’t read European news in at least six months and medically oriented briefing by a presentor who was “not aware” of any victims of wind.
    The truly wonderful thing about this entire evening was that there were many residents who have not joined the local wind action group but ended up being insulted/disgusted by the presentation. Perhaps instead of being upset, we should be thanking these presentors for doing such an excellent job at showing the Industry’s true colours…smoke and mirrors, twisting the facts, ignoring any fact that contradicts their “stories” and general lack of knowledge about the industry about which they profess to be experts. An interesting note…when the President of IPC was questionned about decommissioning these monstrosities, his reply was to the effect “I’m just a developer, I won’t be around for that.” Hosts beware….will there be anyone to “go after” when you end up having to pay for the decommissioning of these things yourself…and remember, you will need something bigger than a hacksaw to do that!!

  4. “medically oriented briefing by a presentor who was “not aware” of any victims of wind”

    Who presented the medically oriented report, Deb???

  5. PECV,

    Farrah Kahn, Executive Assistant, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment presented the medical data.

    She was aware of 100 people complaining about health effects in Ontario, but dismissed their complaints since coal claims 250 lives per year and theirs no scientific evidence to prove they are sick from the turbines.

    She claimed to be unaware of anyone in ontario claiming loss of sleep at the 550m, or greater setback.

    I was assured there is an 800 number for complaints such as above, and that someone would answer the phone. When I asked, “at 2AM?” they could not answer one way or the other.

    Read- “Wind Critics Not Quelled” its linked to the top of this post

  6. From the newspaper article link…

    “Farrah Khan of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), whose parents live in Smithville, spoke about the health effects of wind turbines. She said repeated studies over the last 40 years have established beyond a doubt that turbines are safe.

    “We find that when sited correctly, health experts in Canada and around the world agree that wind turbines are safer for the environment and for our health than conventional sources of power like coal and nuclear power,” she said. Khan said anti-wind groups claim about 100 people in Ontario have been made ill by the turbines, out of a very large population who live near turbine sites. She said the symptoms described by most were indistinguishable from side-effects of stress.
    Following Farrah’s presentation, the floor was opened to a sometimes combative question and answer period. West Lincoln resident Michael Blanchard was first to the microphone, and expressed a sentiment that seemed to be on the minds of many. ”

    Philosophical — ain’t she?

    Just like Gideon Foreman is great at Creative Writing.

    Don’t you think it’s wonderful that these people represent DOCTOR … and speak on their behalf as experts?

    Now I have to be philosophical.

  7. A modest suggestion….

    For those of you exposed to claims by Scientists and their “Mouthpieces” (The Gideons and Farrahs of the world) I suggest and ask you to read the following article and keep it in mind when evaluating the “claims” and “facts” put forth by people who claim to be from the scientific and medical community.


    I suggest a letter to CAPE form everyone who can work up the interest…

    The letter would suggest two things:

    1) That CAPE provide a DOCTOR to be a spokesman who will stand up at public meetings and answer questions about the various claims made by CAPE.

    2) That if CAPE is not willing to provide a properly qualified doctor (who really should have an engineering degree as well), then they require their Mouthpieces to clearly state their qualifications (and lack thereof) to any audience who will be listening to their technical, medical, mathematical and statistical pronouncements.

    In particular I would like to see an admission by them that they hire Gideon for his “Creative Writing” skills rather than his scientific background and knowledge.

    It really should be clear to all listeners that there appears to be no involvement by the doctors in the development of the material that is foisted upon the (previously) unsuspecting public.

    If there is an involvement by the doctors in CAPE in the production of the material they promulgate, then it should be clearly stated, and it should be the authors of the reports that defend their work where it is being used to support billion$ of dollar$ of construction and investment in an infrastructure that will be with us for decades. Anything less is dishonest and cowardly.

    Those who live by lies shall die by their own lies… (figuratively speaking of course…)

    Now, put CAPE out of its misery!

  8. From the link atop the article above:

    “Khan said the anti-windpower groups were a vocal minority.”

    …So the room was full of wind supporters was it?

    People like Khan and her ilk give humanity it’s bad name!


  9. Thanks Robin – and I can see my question has illicited much response that really covers what I would have said.

    It is very important to note that the Wind Industry is now employing staff from CAPE such as Ms. Khan and Doctor Not (Gideon Forman) to speak about health consequences. Most people in the audience that are not familiar with this slight of hand will walk away assuming they have heard from someone with medical expertise – this has been Forman’s M.O. for some years.

    He is even referred to as Dr. Forman by the MOE, by the City of Toronto (who apparently have him in to address council every year as Dr. Forman) and many others. Nowhere is there any evidence that he has tried to correct the record on this misleading and dishonest situation.

    These people have no authority to speak about health impacts – the Wind Industry must be having a very difficult time finding anyone who does have such credibility to speak on their behalf – so this is their answer.

    These people must be challenged – wherever they appear – to provide their credentials and to explain why they are otherwise wasting the time of obviously concerned citizens.

    In the meantime – the College of Physicians and Surgeons – who not only regulate their own but also protect against impostors should weigh-in on this matter.

  10. Remember it was the College of Physicians and Surgeons that circled their wagons and protected Dr. Charles Smith for so many years. Smith gave expert testimony for years as a Forensic Pathologist, something that he was not. Look how that turned out.

    Unless the College learned something from the Smith fiasco, don’t expect much from them.

  11. From the report in David’s link on cancer above:

    “In a 2009 position paper authored by Dr. Cathy Vakil and Dr. Linda Harvey, scientific data about the nuclear energy lifecycle and its relation to human health is thoroughly reviewed. According to this paper, health studies from Canada and around the world show an increase in leukemia cases, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer and other serious illnesses, with both people who work in and live near nuclear facilities.”

    OK… I found this report by these two doctors…


    It does NOT make a very strong case.

    The most repeated phrase in it; “not statistically significant”
    A must read for how NOT to prove something!

    Apparently the authors have forgotten that we evolved on this planet and as such evolved mechanisms to deal with various types of naturally occurring radiation. Like our SKIN for example!

    BTW Alpha radiation can only do damage to tissue if ingested. It is NOT energetic or small enough to penetrate a single piece of paper nor our skin!

    The World Health Organization has a vast amount of useful health information on uranium and ionizing radiation.


  12. BBW:

    That is indeed the issue with that paper….

    It is a survey paper. They did not do any measurements. No empirical data. They analyzed statistics from other papers — and they are not statisticians — nor did they consult one. (Can you say CANWEA experts?)

    …your basic “Climate Science” in other words…

    There have been comments by a number of scientists as to the flaws in some of those papers.

  13. I read that Farrah Khan from CAPE was answering questions about the health impacts. Is this the Farrah Khan who holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Toronto? Why would she be qualified to speak on matters of health?

  14. Who is the company incharge of these windmills. I am against it and want to voice my opinion since i own quite a bit of land in the area that they want to put these turbines up and I am also in real estate and I know the effect it will have on real estate here! Please get back to me asap with the companys name and number so i can call someone in charge there.

    bryan grant

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