Johns Hopkins Study Examines Proper Wind Turbine Spacing

North American Windpower

Rolf Miller, director of wind assessment at Chicago-based Acciona Windpower:  “Ontario – with its feed-in tariff – is hot right now,” he says.  “However, using [the Johns Hopkins methodology] methodology, you wouldn’t be able to build a single wind project in such a fairly populated area. They are trying to shoehorn projects there right now.”     Read the article

8 thoughts on “Johns Hopkins Study Examines Proper Wind Turbine Spacing

  1. From the debate:

    “The power sector is the largest contributor to global climate change, accounting for 40% of fossil CO2 emissions. While fuel switching from coal to gas certainly helps reduce emissions in the short term, sooner or later gas becomes part of the problem.”

    Everyone else says its cars….

    Someone as their wires crossed.

  2. It doesn’t matter if they work or not, just put the damn things UP so we can start
    stealing er making MONEY!


  3. It’s always the same old excuse,just give us more time and we can make wind turbines work.

    The wind developers and eco-nuts have gone around the world forcing wind turbines onto countries and people who do not want them.

    These people were soaring along until they came to Ontario where people have said NO. Poor darlings are in shock that any people would stand up and dare to say NO to them.

    Ontarians are saying NO to:
    Making people sick
    Making property values decline
    Rising electric prices
    Driving people into energy poverty
    Changing Ontario laws so people have no say in wind turbine matters

    It’s about time that wind turbine developers and eco-nuts understand the message Ontarians are sending to them. Ontarians mean NO.

  4. How about some Wind signs with the following message:

    “Wind Companies are not welcome in this town! GET OUT NOW!”

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