First Nations – Samsung deal unravels

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OSHWEKEN -A tentative deal with electronics giant Samsung to include Six Nations in a massive wind and solar energy project has come to an end.  Six Nations band council announced this week that the memorandum of understanding that it signed a year ago won’t be renewed because the two sides couldn’t agree on how to proceed.

A news release from the band indicates the two parties couldn’t agree on a plan that “would be in the best interest of the people of Six Nations, as well as the surrounding communities.”

Chief Coun. Bill Montour thanked Samsung and the province for their willingness to work with Six Nations.

“Our community recognizes the value of partnerships with the private sector to help create good development that will bring jobs and prosperity for our people.

The project was to be part of a provincial undertaking. Ontario and Samsung had also signed a green energy investment agreement about developing a set of wind and solar power facilities that would eventually generate 16,000 jobs in the province.

Samsung planned to create Six Nations projects, such as a 10-megawatt solar farm, that would employ more than 1,000 people.

Now, said Montour in the news release, Six Nations continues to take “a lead role” in discussions with other private sector companies who “understand the value of partnering with First Nations and recognize the unique opportunities that this partnership presents.”

Montour said the reserve remains committed to the idea of the Green Energy hub.

“I strongly believe that the best way to bring prosperity to our people is to work with our neighbours, the province and the private sector,

“However, the agreements must always make sense for our people.”

7 thoughts on “First Nations – Samsung deal unravels

  1. ““However, the agreements must always make sense for our people.”


    Now, how do we get OUR government(s) to act that way?!


  2. Right on, to bad we didn’t have someone from first nations as our Premiere, then maybe hydro and the Province wouldn’t be in the mess they are.

  3. Dalton McGuinty has no problem throwing away citizens health, a whack load of endangered birds & bats, and all the valuable farm land or protected natural lands along with our Great Lakes, to a company like Samsung if they so desire.
    He also is behind jacking up everyone’s hydro rates to subsidize his cobbled energy plan. A 20 year plan of pain.

  4. “Montour said the reserve remains committed to the idea of the Green Energy hub.”
    Does this mean the price is not right, yet? We all know that almost anyone can be
    bought these days, with the big dollars the wind and solar industry is promising to
    people to get involved in this scam. And don’t count on all the jobs they are saying
    will be produced by such projects. I hope the band council knows how important
    they are in the future of wind and solar projects ruining the rural areas of Ontario.

  5. This has got to be one of the snowiest and cloudiest winters in a long time. One wonders if these solar owners will make enough to pay their loans.

  6. Don’t have much sympathy for people who didn’t do thier homework and as result got taken in.

    Canada is too far north for solar panels to be very effective. Don’t people know anything about the angle of incidence of the sun on the earth and latitude?

  7. Anyone thinking of getting into expensive solar with thoughts of making a profit should to do their homework and the math. When something goes wrong with solar it can take awhile to figure out something is wrong and then forever to find what is wrong. Dirt, wind, hail, rain, snow cover, clouds, angles, ice, heat and corrosion are a few ongoing problems that have a way of making profits disappear and take more than a general electrician to figure out how to fix. But then there is always the example of Spain with diesel generators producing what was supposed to be solar power. No one would know today that was happening if someone had not forgotten to turn off the generator after the sun went down. Who is going to ensure power bought as solar is solar?

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