We were supposed to be partners, they were just giving us crumbs

Samsung deal called off 
by Jason Teakle  Brant News

An agreement between Six Nations and Samsung C&T Corporation involving Six Nations participation in wind and solar projects has been called off.

Six Nations intended to partner with the company on two renewable energy projects, one in Haldimand County and a smaller project planned for Fifth Line on Six Nations. Samsung and Six Nations signed a memorandum of understanding outlining the deal last year. Six Nations elected band council Chief Bill Montour said the two groups business models did not connect.

“What caused the failure is that the company was very closed about the information we needed,” Montour said during an interview. “If a business is reclusive about information, it is very hard to proceed with a deal.”

Montour said any agreement made must make sense for the Six Nations community.

“(Samsung) was basically saying ‘sign this deal and trust us,'” he said. “There are plenty of other North American companies that are just as capable with this and we will be moving forward with that.”

If the deal had proceeded, a 260-megawatt project would have been built in Port Maitland, generating 140 megawatts of wind power and 120 megawatts of solar power, Montour said.

Montour said a smaller project, comprised of a 10-megawatt solar power generation station, was also slated for Fifth Line on Six Nations. 

“We spent a lot of time trying to understand each other,” he said. “Because they are a private company, they were not comfortable dealing with the public sector’s needs.”

Six Nations district four Coun. Helen Miller said she is disappointed with the result of negotiations with Samsung.

“We were supposed to be partners,” Miller said. “They were just giving us crumbs.”

The agreement was intended to be part of a $7 billion deal between Ontario and Samsung C&T Corporation to build wind turbines and green energy infrastructure in the province.

3 thoughts on “We were supposed to be partners, they were just giving us crumbs

  1. This would lead me to believe that McGuinty and the Ontario Liberal team didn’t do a very good job when they negotiated their deal with Samsung….since it was indicated as “sign this deal and trust us”…We all know how good Government is with YOUR money…..No surprise they are hiding their deal with Samsung from public view…..

  2. The Samsung threat may not be gone. Its location may very well be headed towards crown land.


    Be advised that Ministry of Natural Resources is now proceeding with the strategic policy review of renewable energy development on Crown land. This policy review will be completed by spring 2011.

    What’s the rush? Maybe to get it done before the next election and have FIT contracts with Energy Consortiums signed before the current government decision makers and contract signatories are replaced?

  3. The developers have no limit to cash incentive and it rises the harder the resistance so perhaps in some cases it is a difficult dilemma. That said, education and research is key to any decision making on this scale. (well…not for our government obviously)
    I don’t think anyone anywhere would condone harming the environment, wildlife, birds and human health.

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