McGuinty’s plans will doom Ontario

By Pete Szabo, The Windsor Star

In December 2010, on Global TV a spokesperson who has knowledge about Ontario hydro stated that hydro bills will not double in 2012, they will quadruple, and the Ontario deficit will be close to $80 billion and that includes our current deficit of $13 billion and here is why.

The spokesperson stated that Dalton McGuinty and Dwight Duncan will purchase thousands of wind turbines and scatter them all across Ontario.

Living or being near these can cause health problems over time. This is a fact. Wind turbines have a hefty price tag for their upkeep and so do two more nuclear power plants that McGuinty wants to build at a deficit increasing cost of $50 billion to $60 billion.

The spokesperson on Global TV also stated that McGuinty and Duncan will leave Ontario and will not be around to see and hear how happy the taxpayers will be. Taxpayers have the HST for one reason and that is to pay for McGuinty’s and Duncan’s mistakes.

Personally, I am upset that these two politicians will cause a never-ending tax burden to the taxpayers of Ontario. In closing, some of what I have written came from articles printed in The Windsor Star on March 2, 2005.


4 thoughts on “McGuinty’s plans will doom Ontario

  1. And similar policies in Australia give similar results… Charge you for electricity, hand back your taxes and call it support…


    “Thanks to pointless green policies, electricity prices were set to soar [even further – Ed] in New South Wales, so what better way to avoid such increases than by taking money from other pointless green policies? Makes sense really! As the worst Labor government in living memory stumbles to its inevitable election defeat in March, the Premier is trying to do something, anything, to please the long-suffering electorate:”

    I think these guys all went to the same freshman class at University where they were brainwashed by watermelons…

  2. Too bad “criminal charges” against these guys couldn’t be leveled BEFORE they are “kicked to the curb” in October so they cannot “leave town” and count their rewards for selling Ontario “down the river”!

  3. “The Economic Impact of Montana’s Renewable Portfolio Standard” by American Tradition Institute, Jan.31,11

    Discusses the economic impacts of rising electricity prices due to renewables on Montana’s future.

    Ontario is in for the same economic future as Montana.

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