Nearly all 22 turbine foundations cracked

Fallen turbine in Europe

CBC News

Nearly all of the 22 turbine foundations at Nova Scotia Power’s Nuttby Mountain wind farm are cracked, CBC News has learned.

“Wherever we identify cracks, they are being addressed. I think right now we are at 19 of the 22,” NSP spokesman David Rodenhiser said Tuesday.

The problem came to light late last year when it was discovered five of the towers were moving beyond manufacturers specifications.  During construction last July at the $120-million wind farm, concrete was not vibrated down to the steel base of the towers.

Movement with the remaining towers is within acceptable tolerance levels, Rodenhiser said, but NSP decided to repair them anyway.

“We’ve found some cracking in some of the other foundations …we decided the most prudent measure was to address those as well,” he said.

The repairs involve injecting an epoxy-like sealant into the 400-tonne concrete pads to stabilize the concrete.

The German supplier, Enercon Canada Inc., supplied the turbines and is paying for the repairs, which are covered under warranty.

“It is my understanding that there was vibration and tamping that did not get done to the extent that the concrete settled all the way to the bottom of the steel,” Rodenhiser said.

It will be well into March at the earliest, before the repairs are completed.

As the foundations are repaired, towers will be brought into service generating electricity for the provincial grid.

“There have been towers taken out of service while these repairs are done, and then once the repairs are completed, the towers are brought back into service,” Rodenhiser said.

9 thoughts on “Nearly all 22 turbine foundations cracked

  1. Wait five years and see the “pollution” of Ontario’s Farmlands” with hundreds of rusty out of service Wind Turbines flopping around while McGuinty and his “friends” are hunkered down in the Bahama’s drinking Pina Colada’s paid for by our tax dollars laughing all the way to the bathroom!

  2. Suzuki’s CBC is regurgitating what NS Power’s Rodenhiser fed them. They’ve clearcut hundreds of acres on Nuttby. while our Ecology Action Centre, the Sierra Club, and their ilk praise IWTs, but listen to their hue and cry when a private woodlot owner decides to clearcut a few acres. Stop the insanity.

  3. “The German supplier, Enercon Canada Inc.”

    ENER-CON? Well, they sure do like to boast don’t they?

  4. Bluenoser,

    Most eco-nuts find it difficult to relate cause and effect. So their ideas and actions are as expected.

  5. Next they will be sending people notices that they will NOT be responsible if anyone gets hurt on the property or have you already been notified. These companies put restrictions on the land everytime something like this go on. You won’t have to worry about the noise you’ll have to worry about the parts slinging off and the towers falling over. How many years have these been up? How much is this going to cost. No worries for the companies the consumers and tax payers will pay for it.

  6. Anyone wonder why Egypt and the other neighbouring Countries are rebelling?…………..this Wind Agenda in Canada is just a “taste” of what it’s like to live under a Dictatorship!

  7. Will the “epoxy-like sealant” improve the taste of the well water in the area? Geez!

  8. Fallen turbines confirms what I’ve thought all along about the set-back distance is merely the fall line. Wind companies don’t want to be sued by homeowner’s when a turbine falls on a house perhaps causing fatalities.
    Judging from the turbine vibration I felt while driving past a turbine near Shelburne, concrete stress is another threat to our safety and water supply from contamination.
    And now Wal-Mart wants to force its way into Fergus causing heat radiation from its roof and parking lot.
    It seems rural folk can’t win. It’s like Big Brother has declared war on us.

  9. Quixote, “Anyone wonder why Egypt …”

    Dead on accurate. Throw in race-based policing, silence of the mainstream media, and tolerance of the prevention of free speech and we are well on the way to dictatorship!

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