Wilkinson in denial, fails to address concerns


Wind turbines remain contentious issue

Overflow crowds forced an information session in Stratford hosted by the Perth County Council to be moved to a court room to ensure everyone had a seat.

There are more than 700 wind turbines across rural Ontario, and over the next couple of years another 360 projects, which could include many hundreds more turbines are in the works.

Tom Melady is a Dublin area resident, he says “I’m concerned about my health, I’m concerned about my neighbours’ health, I’m concerned about the community. The community is being split apart in this and it’s the worst thing for a rural community.”

Ontario Environment Minister John Wilkinson was on hand to talk turbines, and nearly 100 people, most opposed, were prepared to listen.

Wilkinson says the government has decided wind turbines are safe as long as they are at least 550 metres away from any house, school, church or commercial building.

“There is no proven scientific link between wind turbines and human health as long as you’re meeting the stringent requirements that we have in the province of Ontario, which I might add are the most stringent in all of North America.”

But some of those in attendance at the meeting say they’re not satisfied with the assurances they have been given.

Lorie Gillis lives in Grey County, she says “I don’t think they’ve studied anything at all and I’m almost positive they haven’t used any medical person to determine what is safe to go in beside people.”

Oxford County resident Gary Stephens adds “I don’t believe that the government is being proactive enough in looking into the health issues that people have identified. They apparently don’t talk to people who have issues. I’m not happy.”

But Wilkinson says his ministry is responsible for protecting human health.

Perth County Councillor Bill French says assurances that turbines can be shut down if there’s a problem provides some reassurance.

“In the legislation it sounds like there are controls that can be used if there is a problem and if there is a problem, I hope these regulations are enforced and used,” French says.

Councillors say they are now better prepared to deal with requests for wind turbines.

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  1. If there are such rules why haven’t they been applied in Underwood Ont where there are problems, or in Ripley Ont where there are proven problems with the turbines. In the UK they the turbines have to be set back 1 1/2 to 2 miles and in Denmark they are not putting anymore on the ground they have been proven unsafe, they only putting them in the ocean. Why is that not the same here. If the Ont government were concerned about the people’s health in On why did the strip the muncipalities of all there rights, they don’t care about rural Ontario. Wake up Rural Ontario.

  2. The wind farm companies hear you, but they don’t listen. These projects will cost billions and consumers will pay. It’s not needed. If they are wanting green energy they would be using solar on your roof tops. Saving you money. Instead they continue to kill birds and property values. Here are 2 good links to go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_utFV2ukOtU&feature=related

    Where Have All The Eagles Gone? I never even had an idea this was an issue, I have been wondering where all the eagles have gone for some time now, I travel over many states for many years …
    thetruthnews.info/eagles.html – Cached

  3. ““There is no proven scientific link between wind turbines and human health as long as you’re meeting the stringent requirements that we have in the province of Ontario, which I might add are the most stringent in all of North America.”

    This statement alone by Wilkinson pretty well proves without a doubt that he is totally “out of touch” with the reality of what his Ministry and fellow Politicians have done to Ontario!

    This body of politicos have done more damage to our once beautiful Province than any other act since it’s beginning!

    They should be held criminally responsible for the harm that has been done to it’s citizens not to mention the horrific damage to the “Environment” that will take numerous decades to repair!


  4. Add the State of Oregon to the list where a wind developer can choose between background + 10 dBA or 36 dBA, absolute. In Ontario, that would translate into minimum setbacks of 1000m.
    Many municipalities in the US with larger setbacks, based their standards on Rick James’ advice. That’s why they are more sensible. They also have standards for shadow flicker – something Ontario doesn’t have.
    Mr. Wilkinson needs to update his knowledge.

  5. A blunt assessment of the green jobs meme:

    “The green jobs agenda is all about making a large group dependent on the politicians who provide them money and who in exchange receive campaign donations and other political support. It is the ultimate in Tammany Hall-style political bossism — the political earmark that dwarfs all others. The green jobs agenda is a political spoils and cronyism system operating in the open, justifying itself through political correctness and overblown claims that it is dictated by global warming.”


  6. A knowledgeable politician? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

    BTW, Silence Dogood…

    Even though solar panels at and above these latitudes produce NO USEFUL POWER 70% OF THE TIME and NO POWER AT ALL 50% OF THE TIME, I have no problems with putting solar panels on every roof in the province that can take one.

    I DO have a problem getting THE BILL for it!

    ESPECIALLY when that bill is more then 21 TIMES market rates!

    Careful what you wish for, some bought-and-paid-for politician just might give it to you!


  7. Some gems from Lynne’s link:

    “This is Obamamath. Obama wants us to pay for the privilege of destroying jobs. His State of the Union called for “incentives that will finally make clean energy the profitable kind of energy in America.”

    Guess what? If it requires incentives, it isn’t profitable!”

    That sounds an awful lot like “Mcguintymath”!

    “How about claims that existing federal policies already advantage fossil fuels? A report from the federal Department of Energy shows that each megawatt of power produced by wind or solar power receives subsidies almost 100 times higher than for oil and natural gas, and about 50 times higher than for coal.”

    “But don’t some business interests support the green agenda? Sadly, yes. They tend to be those who profit from these subsidies. Writing in Forbes, Jerry Bowyer noted, “What is the difference between crony capitalism and socialism? Not much.”

    Remember this before you vote Liberal OR NDP in the next election!


  8. This government is NOT protecting human health with their pitiful setbacks. Dr. Arlene King CMOH did a desktop literature review that our government and the developers are holding up as some type of proof that there is no link between adverse health effects and the wind projects.
    You will note Mr. Wilkinson says there is nothing to prove that they are harmful yet we have reams of information from Ontario victims saying they are being hurt. The government however chose not to talk to any of the victims and has dismissed them entirely. What kind of caring compassionate government is this? Why isn’t our health ministry all over this? Ask them and they will give the same canned statements as Mr. Wilkinson.
    We have lost all faith and trust in our government.
    Dr. King certainly did not speak with even one of the many victims who are struggling in their homes or have had to abandon their homes. She was well aware of them long before she released her report. Is that the way any caring physician would act when they are researching such a contentious issue in order to release a statement one way or the other? Would any other situation that was forcing people from their own homes be treated so dismissively?
    Why wind turbines Mr. Wilkinson?
    There are families affected whose homes are well beyond the 550 metre setback.
    Ontario needs a serious unbiased investigative journalist who will interview people and get to the bottom of this brazen government deceit. And trust me there is a lot of deceit!
    POSTED on the CTV link

  9. Thank you Broke by Wind. I apologize, I was not aware that solar was so costly. I think at the rate politicians are spending money it won’t be long before everyone is broke in the name of green energy.
    In my mind wind is absolutely NOT an option, solar may not be either. Much more investigation is needed. Take a look at these four websites.
    Top Chinese wind turbine maker; http://uk.reuters.com/article/2011/01/06/us-sinovel-idUKTRE7052H620110106
    California Solar a new cash crop; http://solarhbj.com/news/in-central-california-solar-power-dawning-as-major-new-cash-crop-0742
    A problem with wind; http://www.aweo.org/problemwithwind.html
    California stop the lines: http://stoptanc.com/
    I hope these websites will help.

  10. How many hospital beds could be saved from being “cut back” per the cost of ONE Wind Turbine?………….maybe the Government stooges should start having to answer “real” questions about THAT!

  11. Off topic, but important…
    A world class mining resource in Ontario…looks like one of our largest industries is at risk now. Probably going to be cheaper to load the ore on barges and ship to China for crying out loud!

    Thanks Dalton, thanks Maurice. Pull the rug out from under us. Get it over with.


    “At current provincial power rates, there isn’t a location in Ontario that is economically viable for Cliffs to build the FPF. Despite this, we have named Sudbury as the ‘base case’ location, which we believe is representative of a technically feasible site,” said Boor. “The viability of an Ontario-based FPF and final selection of the location are still being evaluated.”

  12. What might help more is if we could manage to make up a page of government talking points with rebuttals and shove them into the hands of the reporters who apparently can’t do their own homework to prepare for an interview with the some swine mouthpiece of the wind conspiracy.

  13. Did everyone get their lovely “Ontario Electricity Costs Are Rising…Find Out Why” brochure in the mail?

    Nice to know that the industry paid for it…ooops, wait my mistake, it says “Paid for with the government of Ontario”.

    Would be nice if we had an unlimited supply of free money to get our own out to everyones’ mailbox.

  14. So Councillor French has been reassured that the turbines can be shut off if problems occur…. well think again…. after several calls to the MOE spills number, and a chat with the local MOE abatement officer… I was told point blank that the MOE has no way to monitor compliance of the turbine project with the certificate of approval that they themselves issued. This situation is criminal!!!!

  15. wegrait, you are right on topic. I read a similar story in the Sudbury Star this morning. Brings me to the Xstrata Kidd Creek met site closure in Timmins. Electricity costs were not the only reason they closed down operations, but certainly a huge one. Xstrata has now received a demolition permit to tear down the copper smelter and cellhouse, along with othet structures. Along with 700+ direct jobs, Timmins is now going to lose huge revenues from their tax base. Looks like Dalton’s energy conservation plan is right on track. Kidd Creek was a big hydro customer.

  16. Wayne, thanks for sharing. So, what next?

    “Have I got a solution for you, people of Timmins! The future of mining is in the Wind. Yes, you heard right…wind! Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs…and more jobs…with the added benefit of clean air for your children. How can you say no? It’s a win-win for everybody!”


    Disclaimer: above dialogue written by ficticious recipient of Sussex memo 😉

  17. Let’s send those above mining stories registered mail to Dalton’s office, the MOE, OPA, CanWEA, etc…Maybe they’ll think twice next time they try and spew their “great for the economy” crap. Who needs the European studies. The writing’s already on the wall here in Ontario…in giant font!

  18. Here is the “end game”………………..destroy established Industry that already exists in Ontario with out of control Hydro Rates. Once all these companies are gone and the people are basically lowered to a Welfare status, then sign up “foreign ” companies to locate in these down and out locales with massive subsidies from our coffers (does Samsung sound familiar?) then announce how Ontario is “open for business” and how foreign investment is literally “frothing at the mouth” to get INTO Ontario.

    This serves two purposes…….one is that people’s incomes are severely lowered to a Third World Status allowing the companies to make huge profits off the sweat of low wage earners (does China sound familiar), and secondly the Sovereignty over our Land is traded off to the foreign interests and basically the Dictatorship of Ontario has reached it’s final goal! (does the present talks between Harper and Obama trading our Sovereignty for small concessions at the border like being allowed to get on planes with nail clippers) sound familiar?

    As I’ve stated many times, our Wind problems are just one small segment of a much larger picture and one part of it can’t be addressed without considering the whole ugly plot!

  19. silence dogood:

    I appreciate the links but I have been an “energy geek” for almost half my life and I’m just shy of a half century old…

    I did another post today in the thread “Huron-Bruce needs federal leadership on industrial wind”

    You may find it informative.


  20. Read pages 22 and 23 in the link. below. Originally, in early 2009, the government proposed under the draft GEA, that the minimum setback for IWTs would be 550 m plus the height of the tower to the hub plus the blade length. This formula would have pushed the setback to about 1000 m or even further depending on the model of turbine being proposed. This setback would have applied to all railroads, roads, property and lot lines. How this setback formula was derived is not made clear since this is a reply by the wind industry to the then early stages of the Green Energy Act. The setback does not appear to have anything to do with noise levels.

    Canwea claimed that under these guideline most of their projects already in the planning stages in 2008-09 would not be able to be constructed.

    The government caved into the wind industry.


  21. What knowledge based technology is involved in installing “horse & buggy” wind machines in Ontario?

  22. Wilkinson figured he was okay with his pointless and misleading diatribe. He spoke without saying anything, the perfect stereotype of a politician. He was challenged on two issues and way to go council members who didn’t back down. One issue was for assuring everyone that the wind company would take care of decommissioning. They had to, the law says so, so there, nah, nah, nah. He finally had to admit that if the company walks away, that the metal in the turbine would cover decommissioning costs which no one in the room bought into and ended up having to stand in the corner with his pointy hat on.
    A lovely 6 foot banner of the Ashbee/Lormand home, with large words saying empty and lifeless since 2009 was facing the council members, clerks and visitors as he told the room that all was fine, no one was hurt and that the MOE is always assessing the situation, always wanting to hear more. Wilkinson and Dumais did not turn around to look at anyone and left asap.
    If this is the caliber of brain power in the MOE, it’s not surprising that we are in this situation.

  23. Lorrie The banner sounds amazing. It may be worthwhile to start a banner to carry pictures of the homes that are casualties of IWTs. A banner or banners are hard to ignore when something as powerful as a home with these industrial monsters surrounding them can be seen with little effort. No one has to say anything and the message is clear.

  24. The fight is on in Wisconsin for greater wind turbine setbacks, PSC commissioner Azar, the only one with a brain, has been standing up for a 2200 ft setback. The Governor’s bill to extend the PSC rule of 1250 ft to 1800 ft has not been passed yet. Committee hearings are coming soon to review the PSC decision .


  25. Out of over 100 miles of wind Turbines in panhandle that I traveled beside 2 years ago, my wife and I estimated that a little over one out of five turbines were either broken and weren’t turning because of mechanical problems within the nacelle or their blades were broke off….also heard that transmission lines weren’t even capable of handling all the power when the wind ramped up.

  26. Additional information on the Texas power situation can be read at http://www.wattsupwiththat.com. Posted Feb.2,2011 by Anthony Watts.

    “We Spent Billions on Wind Power….And all I Got was a Rolling Blackout”

  27. To follow this Texas story you need to follow the wind generation situation from Feb.2-Feb.3,11.

    Texas has 7113 turbines installed with 10,000 MW

    ERCOT said from Feb.2,11 5AM-AM 3,500-4,000 MW of wind power was available or ~ 40% of the 10,000 MW installed.

    This was down 41% from Tuesday’s wind production.

    Then you had the coal plant failures and no electricity to pump gas for the gas generators so they couldd’t run.

    Bad mix all the way around and rolling blackouts occured.

    Wind output decreased by ~2500 MW from 3PM Tuesday to 6AM Wednesday Feb.,2,11.

  28. That Enron video says it all…………….and just think about it……….we are all up to our collective “asses” in the ENRON SCAM to this day!…………..GE purchased the Wind Division of Enron on it’s collapse and then kept the scam alive and breathing because it was such a creative and lucrative way for investors to make gobs of money off another “fake” wheeling and dealing scheme from wall Street…………the whole bloody world today is collapsing because of these con artists and our very own greedy politicians have signed on to this scheme hook line and sinker. One problem………………everyone involved in ruining our lives today have forgotten one important thing………..where did Ken Lay and others end up?……………….JAIL!!!!!

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