Follow the Funding! **Must Watch**

From Greengrift:   Tom Adams has posted an interesting video on the Green Energy Act Paradox in which he addresses the apparent disconnect between the heavy handed measures of Ontario’s Green Energy Act and public support for the legislation.

To explain this political success, Adams suggests we follow the funding trail in order to uncover the unholy alliance between the McGuinty government and the environmental and industry lobby groups it funds.

Interesting post by G. Taylor:

In 2001 a task force submitted the Report: Wind Power Task Force Report & Recommendations for the Province of Ontario.

The task force consisted of: Industry representation on the main committee included:
• Developers/marketers/financiers – Ontario Power Generation (OPG),
Great Lakes Power, Seine River Power, Regional Power,
British Energy Canada, Vision Quest, Sky Generation,
Probyn and Co., Suncor
• Manufacturers – Vestas Wind, Blenkhorn and Sawle, Steelcraft, Wenver-
Vergnet, Enron
• Service and Skills – Zephyr North, Acres International, Brock University
• Industry Associations – CanWEA (Canadian Wind Energy Association),
IPPSO (Independent Power Producers Society of Ontario)
The following Ministries participated and provided resources:
• MEST (Energy Science and Technology)
• MNR (Natural Resources)
• MOE (Environment)
• MOF (Finance)
• MEDT(Economic Development and Trade)
• MNDM (Northern Development and Mines)
• OMAFRA (Agriculture and Food and Rural Affairs)

There was not one member of the public. This process has been entirely driven by industry working with government, behind closed doors and in contempt of the public interest.

This report is available at:

4 thoughts on “Follow the Funding! **Must Watch**

  1. I would hope and have faith that Canadians will rise up against the recognized facsisim of The Green Energy Act, and the McGuinty Boondoggle of all Boondoggles! If ever there is a reason for Canadians to “Stand on guard for thee” it is NOW!
    Although we as Canadians have “no right to entitlement of land”, we do have a right to oust a government that blindly follows this dangerous ideology of facsisim. I am prepared to go to war with the Ontario Liberal Majority Government that brought this travesty to bear against ratepayers and citizens of Ontario. We must continue our vigilance and educate our masses so that our numbers continue to grow from a grass roots ground swell across our lands. We can not let our way of life be gone… gone with the wind……….

  2. I fully expected the title “Follow the money” to be an account of the oil/gas/coal corporations funding the turbine projects in Ontario.

  3. Dear Mr. Adams,
    How much money are you talking about?

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